Operating System based Web Hosting

Windows Web Hosting system refers to the web hosting service on Windows operating system.


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Operating System based Web Hosting


Windows Web Hosting system refers to the web hosting service on Windows operating system.

Operating System based Web Hosting

On the basis of operating system, Web Hosting system has been differentiated on four categories:

  1. Windows based Web Hosting
  2. Linux based Web Hosting
  3. Mac OS X based Web Hosting
  4. Sun Solaris OS based Web Hosting

A. Windows Web Hosting

Windows Web Hosting system refers to the web hosting service on Windows operating system. Basically most web-hosting firms provide hosting services on Windows 2003 server but now some premier companies are also providing the service on Windows 2008 server.

Primarily most of the companies offer Linux based Web Hosting Services due to its robust and comparatively customisation quality but now the trend of offering Windows based Web Hosting Services are also being popular.

This service is best suited to those clients, which work mostly on Microsoft based application and software, and they use COM objects in their code, or their applications need Microsoft SQL Server or Microsoft Access for database.

The user of Windows Web Hosting Service does not require to be a computer expert but a novice can easily handle and manage this sort of service because of its powerful user-friend quality. Moreover, a website designing and developing is also very easy on Windows Web Hosting Service because of its top quality graphical user interface (GUI) that helps the user in designing and developing a good, attractive, and professional website.

Windows Web Hosting System supports all the main scripting language including Active Perl, C, C++, Active Server Pages, Visual Basic and many more and .Net framework. Moreover, it also support Microsoft FrontPage extensions, Web services, Macromedia Flash, Common Gateway Interface (CGI), SMTP-based email, virus scanning, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), streaming media, custom COM objects, and e-commerce packages.

But, Windows Web Hosting Service is costlier in the comparison of Linux based Web Hosting Service and also not available freely. Microsoft Corp. provides license for using this service that can be purchased online an offline. The Web Hosting Service Providing firms that why charge more for offering this service.

B. Linux Web Hosting

Linux operating system based hosting service refers to Linux Web Hosting Service that guarantee a better performance, enhanced security and cheaper service. Mostly Linux web hosting service is common for personal websites, blogs, small and medium business firm's website and all sort of website from micro to macro.

Linux Web Hosting Services does not mean to have Linux OS (Operating System) based website but Windows, Macintosh, SuSe, Blackberry PDAs and all sorts of platform functions efficiently on Linux Web Hosting servers.

Linux Web Hosting System is reliable hosting service in terms of security and performance. It's vigorous and comprehensive service with installed features assure the clients to get quality service in minimum prices.

For personal website owner, blogger, small and medium websites and small and medium businesspersons who own website for marketing their products ask mostly to the Linux web hosting service because it costs very cheap. And at a cheaper prices, webmaster can excellent web hosting services.

Linux Web Hosting service is an open sources service that comes under General Public License. The charges are levied only for server and database maintenance and management. That's why it a cheaper service.

Linux Web Hosting services best suited to Linux based and open sources technological based website like PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Apache Tomcat Java, PERL, CGI, and PEAR Library.

The Most common and in demand service is LAMP service in Linux Web Hosting system. Here, in LAMP, L refers to Linux, an operating system, A refers to Apache, a web server, and MySQL refers to a very powerful database management system (DBMS) to store, manage and data query execution, and P refers to PHP programming, used for developing the site.

Despite several advantages, Linux Web Hosting system has some disadvantages like it is tough to handle and manage. It's configuration and administration needs a better technical knowledge. Besides, it does not run efficiently on Windows based website that have some features of Microsoft like ASP (Active Server Pages) coding, modules, and lots of other things.

C. Mac Web Hosting

Mac Web Hosting refers to Web Hosting of sites on Macintosh operating system. Mac hosting service providers use advanced Unix based servers for ultimate power and flexibility that supports Apache, PHP, Perl, MySQL, Tomcat, Axis, and JBoss for websites, and for eMail Hosting it supports to SMTP, IMAP, POP and Web Mail servers. It runs fast and provides ultimate service to the hosts. Mac Web hosting provides Quicktime Hosting service through using QuickTime Streaming Server and QuickTime that delivers MPEG4, 3GPP and MP3 content.

D. Sun Solaris Hosting

Solaris is a UNIX-based operating system that is known for its scalability, especially on SPARC systems. Sun Microsystems had introduced in 1992. It supports best to SPARC and i86 computers. The Sun Solaris is an open source OS and available under General Public License.

The Web Hosting service on Sun Solaris based OS is flexible, reliable and affordable that can span your entire enterprise from Web to data warehouse, while supporting the most demanding technical computing applications.


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