Web Hosting

Here we are discussing web hosting services.


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Web Hosting


Here we are discussing web hosting services.

Web Hosting Services

Web Hosting services allows the individuals and companies to publish their website on Internet. Only those website hosted on the hosting server connected to the Internet are available for access through World Wide Web.

These almost all the business is looking for their presence on Internet. This is only possible by registering a domain and then host the pages on the web hosting server. In order to create a website and host on an web hosting server  following steps is necessary:

a) Register a domain name

b) Take hosting space from any Web hosting service provider

c) Map domain name server to the Hosting server

d) Upload the pages on the hosting server

Once your pages are uploaded on the hosting server, you can access it from web browser by typing the domain name in address bar of web browser.

In our web hosting tutorial series we will discuss different types of web hosting services in detail. We will also explain you how to register domain, take web space from web hosting companies, create web pages and finally upload on your server. We will also discuss different types on web hosting hardware and software available these days for making web hosting very easy.

Web Hosting Introduction
Web Hosting is a type of web service in which the hosted server provides a quantum of web services including storage space, bandwidth, e-mail accounts, technical support, scripting support, back up services, and maintenance of all hosted services of web - to their clients.
Types of Web Hosting
There are different types of web hosting services available in the market depending upon the nature, functionality and requirements of the website. It can also be classified according to operating system platform, price category, bandwidth, required space based and performance based.
E-commerce Hosting Solution
In this section we are discussing essential requirements of E-commerce Hosting Solution.
Price based Web Hosting
This kind of web hosting is most popular as well as suitable for small sites like personal one which has very low traffic.
Space based web-hosting system
Here, space based web hosting system refers to the web hosting service according to sharing the space on the server.
Application based special type of Web Hosting
Besides, OS based, priced based and space based web hosting, there are also another types of web hosting that is known as application based web hosting that performs according to web application.
Hosted E-Commerce Solution
In this article we are explaining how to choose best Hosted E-Commerce Solution.
Dedicated server options
In this article we will learn about Dedicated server options available while purchasing dedicated hosting server.
Dedicated web hosting
What is Dedicated web hosting? Learn about Dedicated web hosting and its features.


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