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Application based special type of Web Hosting

Besides, OS based, priced based and space based web hosting, there are also another types of web hosting that is known as application based web hosting that performs according to web application.

Application based special type of Web Hosting

Besides, OS based, priced based and space based web hosting, there are also another types of web hosting that is known as application based web hosting that performs according to web application. We have covered a wide range of web hosting service based on the nature of application. These are:

  • DNS Hosting
  • Game Server Hosting
  • E-mail hosting

1. Domain Name System (DNS) Hosting

Domain Name System commonly known as DNS hosting is one of the least necessary technologies that has made Internet immensely popular. One can disagree but it's true that without DNS Internet would not have become so popular as it is today. To avail DNS hosting one has to make registration; free DNS hosting services, however, exist too.

Excepting most popular Internet sites, most of the DNS hosting services are shared because there is no need to dedicate a server to hosting DNS for a single website. For better DNS hosting service the provider needs to have multiple servers in different geographic locations which helps minimize latency for clients, and thus provides high speed of work and high reliability. DNS can also be self-hosted by running DNS software on generic Internet hosting services.

DNS stands for two things: Domain Name Service and Domain Name Servers. The former speaks for the protocol and the latter defines the machines that provide the service. As far as DNS's work is concerned it translates the IP addresses into hostnames and back again.

Free DNS hosting are made available today by a number of sites for both the categories the second level domains registered with registrars which do not offer free or sufficiently flexible DNS service, or the third level domains (

A free DNS hosting user is also provided facilities to manage A, MX, CNAME, TXT and NS records of the domain zone. The free services are also likely to be upgraded with a slew of premium services in many cases. In lieu of providing the free DNS services, the providers can make money through sponsorship.

Usefulness of free DNS hosting service:

It can be useful for those who:

  • Keeps the secondary DNS server
  • Needs MX records for the virtual domain
  • Can not get free service from an ISP or domain registration service provider

Located in a firewall and need a name server that can be accessed by the public outside the firewall

2. Game Server Hosting

Game Server Hosting is another tool of Internet hosting service in which a server is specially designed and hosted for online gamers. It is far more demanding and thus is different from traditional business hosting. Millions of consumers around the globe connect to the gamer server at a single time, so it requires significant amounts of specially formatted server space and reliability and dedicated service.

Game server providers (GSPs) are companies that lease game servers. GSP often offers Web tools to control and configure the game servers; most allow those that rent or lease to modify the games being leased.

Voice capability which helps many gamers to communicate without wasting time in typing is an inherent feature of the Game server hosting. This apart, advanced statistics is available with few Game server hosting providers who provide the location of all players on a server with the help of Google maps.

Despite these characteristics game server hosting is not an easy business because of many drawbacks. Gaming server hosts consume large amounts of bandwidth thus hosting costs become too high along with price sensitivity. Apart from addressing the issue of heavy traffic, the site owner needs to have user friendly control panels that will help it to automate and organize many processes.

Network bandwidth, particularly upstream bandwidth is one of the major limitations in hosting game servers. Home broadband internet connections rarely provide the necessary upstream bandwidth to host dedicated game servers with more than 4-10 clients.

The other obstacle the GSP faces is the lack of space. The amount of space required to handle the needs of the gaming software may limit the number of games available and the number of hosting company.

Game server web hosting company should also provide applications such as chatting or forums to add to the enjoyment of the customers because many online gamers like to discuss the games they are playing and to socialize with fellow gamers. This in the long run benefits the company's business.

Types of game servers:

a) Listen servers: It is operated mostly by clients. The server typically runs in the same process as the game client. It allows the player to act as both host and participant in the game. The number of players, however, is less owing to the increased processing and bandwidth requirements.

b) Dedicated servers: It is run independently of the client. The company controls and update contents. The server is usually run on dedicated hardware located in data centres, providing more bandwidth and dedicated processing power. The number of players in the online game run on dedicated servers is many.

3. Email Hosting

After venturing into an organisation whether web based or any other that needs promotion through web the first and foremost thing that becomes essential to provide recognition to your organisation is email hosting. Email hosting now-a-days has become a predominant communication tool that adds reliability to the company.

Since it is a lifeline for communication between website visitors and website owner(s) one should be vigilant on email features. However, most of the email features are an industry standard, so finding an appropriate set of email features on a given host plan is not a tiring job.

An email hosting service is an Internet hosting service that runs email servers. It is opposed to advertising supported free email or web mail, and one has to pay to avail the email hosting service. It is very useful to meet the demands of email users and small and mid size (SME) businesses, while the large enterprises run their own email hosting service.

Apart from offering premium email services, the email hosting providers allow for custom configurations and large number of accounts. The hosting providers also manage user's own domain name. Using a domain name is significant for the hosting company as a specific domain name is an identification of email senders.

A mail server makes you able to send or receive emails. Most email hosting providers offer advanced premium email solutions hosted on dedicated custom email platforms. The technology and offerings of different providers can by vary depending on the needs of the users. Almost all web hosting providers offers basic standardized POP3 based email and web mail based an open source web mail applications viz. Horde or Squirrelmail.

Domain Name System (DNS) plays a momentous role in performing the function of mail hosting service. It consists of virtual records documenting the physical server of a domain name and helps to find the location of email servers.

The basic difference between web hosting providers and mail hosting providers is that while the former offers standard basic email, the latter may or may not offer web hosting.

So, before choosing an email hosting provider some important facts needs to keep in mind like host reputation, community feedback, hardware infrastructure, data centre location and software used, among others.



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