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Dedicated server options

In this article we will learn about Dedicated server options available while purchasing dedicated hosting server.

Dedicated server options

In this section we will study about the different dedicated server options available while placing order for dedicated servers. There are many different types of dedicated server CPUs are available in dedicated server plan. Hosting companies are giving many types of servers for different purposes.

Dedicated server options

Single Processor Server

If you don't have huge requirement for server side processing you can just go for Single Processor servers. This type of server is best if you are planning to hosting static website and just server HTML pages. Your website don't need database and server side programming. This type of dedicated hosting server is best if you are hosting static web site in which server side program is not used.

These days most of the hosting companies are providing following CPU's in the dedicated server

  • AMD Opteron 1212
  • AMD Opteron 1216
  • AMD Opteron 1354
  • AMD Opteron 2212
  • AMD Opteron 2216
  • AMD Opteron 2220
  • AMD Opteron 2222
  • Intel Xeon 3050
  • Intel Xeon 3060
  • Intel Xeon 3220
  • Intel Xeon 3230
  • Intel Xeon Lynnfield 3450
  • Intel Xeon Lynnfield 3460
  • Intel Xeon 5130
  • Intel Xeon 5140
  • Intel Xeon 5150
  • Intel Xeon 5160
  • Intel Xeon 5310
  • Intel Xeon 5320
  • Intel Xeon 5335
  • Intel Xeon 5345
  • Intel Xeon 5405
  • Intel Xeon 5410
  • Intel Xeon 5430
  • Intel Xeon 5450
  • Intel Xeon Nehalem 5504
  • Intel Xeon Nehalem 5520
  • Intel Xeon Nehalem 5550
  • Intel Xeon Nehalem 5570
  • Intel Xeon Westmere 5620
  • Intel Xeon Westmere 5640
  • Intel Xeon Westmere 5650
  • Intel Xeon Westmere 5670

Some companies are also giving lower end cpus, but you should not go for such servers.

Dual Proc Multi-core

In such servers there are two multi core processors are installed. Dual multi core processors provides better performance and good for high traffic dynamic websites.

Following types of CPUs are installed in such servers

  • Xeon 5100 Series
  • Xeon 5300 Series
  • Xeon 5400 Series
  • Xeon 5500 Series
  • Xeon 5600 Series
  • Opteron 2000 DC Series

Quad Processor Multi-core Servers

Such servers are providing high performance and very good for heavy load dynamic websites. These servers are expensive and comes with lot of features. If you are running gaming websites then you should go for such servers.

Following CPU types are used in such servers.

  1. Opteron 8200 Series
  2. Opteron 8300 Series
  3. Xeon E7300 Series
  4. Xeon E7400 Series
  5. Xeon E7500 Series

These servers come with 4GB to 32GB RAM or more. You can run heavy load applications on such servers. You can ask your hosting company to Linux, Unix or windows to host your applications. You can install 64BIT or 32BIT OS on such servers


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