Dedicated web hosting


Dedicated web hosting

What is Dedicated web hosting? Learn about Dedicated web hosting and its features.

What is Dedicated web hosting? Learn about Dedicated web hosting and its features.

Dedicated web hosting

In this section we will study about dedicated web hosting and see the features included with dedicated hosting service. Dedicated web hosting is necessary for hosting high traffic website and web applications. If your company is big and you may need a dedicated hosting server for your emails.

What is Dedicated Web hosting?

The Dedicated web hosting is an type of web hosting service in which client orders an entire server and runs their application on it. The dedicated server is exclusively for the client and nothing is shared to any one else. Hosting company provides the root access of the server to the client. Client can use the server to run applications of their choice. The dedicated web hosting is more flexible as compared to the shared hosting services. You can configure your own application and server according to your requirement.

Dedicated servers are housed in big data centers and provides redundant power backup. The hosting company also provides the server security and management services. You can also go for managed dedicated hosting if server uptime is critical for your business.

In case of Dedicated web hosting server hardware is owned by the hosting company. Hosting companies rents the hardware and also provides the OS and software support. The basic support service is free but advanced support service may cost services charges.

Dedicated web hosting solutions is best for critical business and websites having huge traffic.

Features of Dedicated web hosting

There are many features of a Dedicated hosting server. Hosting companies provides many services as a part of dedicated web hosting. Some services many be free but other are chargable.

OS Support

Hosting companies installs and configures the OS of choice. Most commonly used OS are:

  • Centos
  • Red hat
  • Fedora
  • Debian
  • FreeBSD
  • NetBSD
  • Windows
  • Windows Advanced server
  • Windows XP
  • Unix

Hosting companies helps in the client in resolving the OS issue also. They also provide fire wall installation and configuration services.

Value Added services

Hosting companies provides following value added services. They might be charging for the following services.

  • Operating system updates
    Updating the OS with latest software patches is very important. If you opt for this services, you hosting company will keep on updating your server with latest software software patches.
  • Application updates
    Application updates is also necessary to keep your server up to date.
  • Server monitoring
    The Server monitoring is very import add on service. Basic server monitoring is free and advanced server monitoring cost little more.
  • Simple Network Management Protocol hardware monitoring
    Hosting companies monitors the network traffic and resolves if there is some issue.
  • Application monitoring
    If your application is very important you can go for Application monitoring package. Hosting services companies keep on monitoring the application, in case of error they take corrective actions.
  • Technical support
    Dedicated server provides Technical support team is available 24x7 for resolving the server issues.
  • Firewall services
    The firewall will save your server from different kind of server hacking attempts.
  • Antivirus updates
    This will automatically update the antivirus software installed on your server.
  • Security audits
    The Security audits is used to find the security level of your server.
  • DDoS protection and mitigation
    This services is important for finding the bed guys and keep them away.
  • Intrusion detection
    A must to have feature with hosting service.
  • Disaster recovery
    They will help you reconstruct the server in case of some type of server crash.
  • DNS hosting service
    Some companies are also providing DNS hosting service.
  • Load balancing
    You can go for hardware or software load balancer.
  • Database administration
    You can ask your hosting company to administrator your database if required.
  • Performance tuning
    Performance tuning of software is necessary if your server is receiving thousands of hits per hour/day.
  • Software installation and configuration
    The hosting companies will also help you in Software installation and configuration.

Server Management support from hosting companies

Dedicated server hosting companies provides following types of server management services:

Fully Managed: The fully managed service is good if you don't have enough resource to monitor your server. The fully managed dedicated hosting service includes server monitoring, sever software updates, reboots if server is not responding, security patches and operating system upgrades. This service is good for very high traffic and critical websites.

Managed: In case of Managed hosting medium level of server management, monitoring, and software updates are included. In such hosting customer performs the basic server maintenance. For more advance issue they can talk to hosting service provider to help in resolving the issue.

Self Managed: In this case server hosting companies just monitors the server and send updates to the client in case of issue.

Unmanaged: In case of unmanaged hosting customers performs all the maintenance activities.