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PHP Tutorial


The Roseindia Technologies has offered this tutorial for the beginners who want to gain the comprehensive knowledge in the PHP fundamentals.

The Roseindia Technologies has offered this tutorial for the beginners who want to gain the comprehensive knowledge in the PHP fundamentals. This beginner guide will inform you all the basic knowledge essential for being a beginner’s programmer. Our beginners PHP tutorial is full of examples that will help the novice PHP programmers to asses the programming basics easily. Those who is beginning PHP as a career will gain adequate knowledge from our PHP beginner’s guide that is written in a very easy language and supported by basic programs. We ensure that this guide of PHP for beginners will definitely help you in making a carrier in PHP language.

PHP Beginners Guide, Free PHP Beginners Guide
This PHP Beginners Guide will help and educate all the programmers especially the beginners who want to learn PHP as a prime subject or as a supplement subject
About PHP
Hypertext Preprocessor alias in short PHP is a widely used powerful scripting language basically used for creating dynamic web pages.
PHP Introduction
PHP is a popular scripting language like ASP of Microsoft Corp. primarily used for developing dynamic web pages and data execution from the databases
What is a PHP File?
A PHP file includes PHP code, functions, text HTML tags and scripts that can process online forms, get the date and time, or access information from a database, such as MySQL database
PHP Steps
First of all, before stepping ahead towards your first baby coding, lets check the developing environment of your system first.
Basic Syntax
For generating a PHP file, the developer has to create a file name using .php extension. This file seems like HTML file and saves as a plain text.
First Program
Now, lets move ahead for printing the first and most simple & common example of programming "Hello World"
Variable is an identifier used for storing the values like text strings, numbers or arrays which is stored in the system's memory and can be retrieved any time during the program.
PHP Concatenation Operator
The only one string operator in PHP is concatenation operator (.) that is used for putting two string values together; e.g.
PHP Operators
Operators are used for performing specific tasks. The operators in PHP are same like other programming languages like Arithmetic operators, Assignment Operators, Comparison Operators, and logical operators.
HTML Forms and PHP
Here we would integrate the HTML forms and PHP by creating HTML forms to collect the user input turning that input into variables, and then doing various things with the information that we just collected.
PHP Arrays
Array is a special variable that allows to store more than one value including the whole bunch of variable inside a variable.
Operators; If, Else, Elseif; Loops
If, Else, Elseif are called the Conditional statements that are used for performing different actions according to different conditions.
Loops are the essential part of the program that have instructions to repeat the code itself again and again until certain conditions are met.
Do..While Loops
The do...while statement always execute the block of code once, then check the condition, and repeat the loop until the condition is true.
For Loops
For loop is used to run the code in the block in the specified number of times. It is pre-directed and can write using parameters.
PHP Functions
Function provides power to any programming language. It works like a small machine to perform any task between the programs.


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