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Release of Jitterbit 2.0 Enterprise and Community

Release of Jitterbit 2.0 Enterprise and Community (18 Aug 2008)

Release of Jitterbit 2.0 Enterprise and Community (18 Aug 2008)

The Jitterbit Inc., has announced the release of an open source integration software the Jitterbit 2.0 Enterprise and Community Edition. It includes integration server enhancements, such as pipeline insertions and scripting, synchronous/asynchronous operations and parallel processing with data chunking. It is released under the Jitterbit Public license including both the Application and the Server. The aim of this product release is the enhancement of the integration server like pipeline insertion and scripting, synchronous and asynchronous operations and parallel processing with data chunking.

Jitterbit 2.0 is developed to solve the complex integration problems of legacy and enterprise applications. It encourages the organizations to conbine their independent applications with data in minimum time thus lowering the ownership cost.

Jitterbit 2.0 enhancements include:
    Integration Process Builder ? Jitterbit 2.0 provides the facility to the users to define, test, view and change their integrations with more ease than ever through the implementation of a new GUI which contain a new workflow process designer. Users can now design their integration entirely in a drag-and-drop environment.

    Pipeline Customization - Jitterbit 2.0 has made the availability of the feature of adding customized logic at each and every step of the integration process including the creation of reusable scripts. Pipeline customization deletes the extra less important activities in complex integrations thus minimizing processing times and adding a new level of flexibility to Jitterbit integration operations.

    Parallel Processing ? Jitterbit 2.0 is implementing parallel processing, so that a large amount of data can be processed simultaneously as groups or in transactions. Jitterbit can now carry out data processing in lesser time and in a secured manner.

The best features of Jitterbit 2.0 can be described as below-

    Rapid Results: The Jitterbit 2.0 provides fast integration designing to the users by the the drag-and-drop mapping using the new GUI API.

    Robust and Scalable: Jitterbit with a multithreaded architecture has the features of advanced caching to improve performance and has been optimized to work in Windows, Linux and Solaris.

    Easy Integration Management: It brings complete transparency into the transactions involved, schedules processes and automates the success/failure operations.

    Cost Effective: There is no need to buy software licenses and application hardwares to use this product.

The Jitterbit Community:
With the announcement of this new product release, Jitterbit is focussing more on reducing the cost and complexity of enterprise integration. With having the benefits of coordination and support from the open source community along with the associated cost savings, Jitterbit also provides enterprise-class support and solution to various services, and so simplifies integration process within every organization. Jitterbit takes the responsibility of hosting the Trading Post (the world?s first open source application and data integration marketplace) and deploys a range of professional services, training, support and pre-built integration projects, called Jitterpaks, which are available including solutions for integration Microsoft Project and SAP, among others.

Pricing and availability
Jitterbit 2.0 Enterprise is developed for production environments in corporations and government organizations that are looking for a stable, supported integration platform. It has the certification for both commercial and open source applications and providing commercial Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
The Jitterbit Community edition is the development stack, which provides the most recent feature additions to the software currently in development. It is featured with restricted support for installation which does not need any certification and quality assurance  for production deployment. The Jiitterbit Community Edition has been made downloadable for public at


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