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abhishek kulkarni
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find tokens for the language FORTRAN?

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tokens  find tokens for the language FORTRAN
Making Tokens of a String
Making Tokens of a String       Tokens can be used where we want to break an application into tokens. We have to break a String  into tokens as well as we will know how many
prevent mutli-click using struts tokens.
prevent mutli-click using struts tokens.  How to prevent mutli-click using struts tokens
Making Tokens of a Java Source Code
C:\Java Tutorial>java TokenizingJavaSourceCode Please enter a java file name: Number of tokens = 158 C:\Java Tutorial>_ Download this program
Making Tokens of a Java Source Code
Making Tokens of a Java Source Code   ... program into tokens.  The use of  token is just like as we take tokens... need to generate a tokens out of that file so, we use class StreamTokenizer
Java StringTokenizer
tokens. StringTokenizer internally maintain a current position within the string... is the delimiter to break the string into tokens. StringTokenizer(String str..., String, delim is the delimiter to break the string  into tokens
The java.util.StringTokenizer class is used to break strings into tokens (words, numbers, operators... takes a string to break into tokens and returns a StringTokenizer object... is a StringTokenizer. st.hasMoreTokens() -- Returns true if there are more tokens
is for making tokens a string. It iterates over tokens generated, which is separated... the tokens on which the iterate will happen. delims: It contains  the characters which will separate the tokens in the string. var:  It is the name
C String Tokenizer
C String Tokenizer       In this section, you will learn how to use strtok() function to break the string into a series of tokens. You can see in the given example, we have
Mutli-click prevention using struts
Mutli-click prevention using struts  Mutli-click prevention using struts tokens with code example
Question  Sir, give me a java program to count the number of tokens , given a string and a seperator
unreported exception parseException
tokens[] = p.parseAndGenerateTokens("select * from emp where name='abc... = new String[50]; //String[] tokens = {"select","lid,bid","from","emp","where","<5 and name='abc'",";"}; //tail=null; //tokens
Why the null Pointer exception is comming? - Java Beginners
}; String line; String line1; String[] tokens = null... limits:limit) { tokens = line.split(delimiter,limits); oldOne[i] = tokens[0
java question - Java Beginners
java question  Given the string "hey how are you today?" how many tokens would you have after breaking up the string using whitespace as a delimiter...++; } System.out.println("No of tokens: "+count); } } Thanks
java matching array of integers - Java Beginners
java matching array of integers  am doing my project regarding clones in java. in my coding a java file is to be read and converted into tokens. each... the input java file the total number of tokens varies. how shall i write the logic
tokenizing a java file
it in string then put the tokens into array of string ,but after run the code... = " "; String tokens[] = null ; int i=0; //Read File Line By Line Scanner input... (strLine); while(( tokens[i]!= null){ System.out.println (tokens[i
How to enter elemets in a hashmap and check for the existence of a particular key?
)); String lines = null; String[] tokens = null...){ tokens = lines.split(","); for(int i=0;i<=tokens.length;i++){ startdate = tokens[5
java program.. the question is scary ...please help - Java Beginners
tokens ? do not use simple.x 2. Recognize the new tokens > void float... 3. Include line number information within tokens for subsequent error reporting... lines it should save the program in memory for printout after the tokens
java program...need help as soon as possible!!! - Java Beginners
tokens ? do not use simple.x 2. Recognize the new tokens > void float.... Include line number information within tokens for subsequent error reporting, etc... it should save the program in memory for printout after the tokens are scanned
Java: Example - Words to array
; The StringTokenizer class is used to break a string into tokens.   For converting string... StringTokenizer(wordString); //--- Create an array which will hold all the tokens... of the tokens while (st.hasMoreTokens()) { result[i
Read Lines from text file
; tokens[k] = line.substring(flag, oldArrayVal); System.out.println(tokens[k]); sizeOfToken = tokens[k].length(); flag = oldArrayVal
Java Buffered Reader
; tokens[k] = line.substring(flag, oldArrayVal); System.out.println(tokens[k]); sizeOfToken = tokens[k].length(); flag
Java count words from file
into the string which is then break into tokens. Then using the while loop, we have checked if there are more tokens available in the string tokenizer... the number of words. StringTokenizer: This class break a string into tokens
Java Reverse words of the String
the string. Then we have converted the string into tokens using StringTokenizer... which return the reverse order of the tokens. Here is the code
Display the word that begins with vowel using Java Program
that breaks the whole string into tokens. After that using the method startsWith() with the tokens, we have checked whether the token is started with vowel
Count Palindromes from the string
to input a sentence or string. This string is then break down into tokens using... of the string. After that we have matched the tokens with the reversed words
Tokenizing Delimiters
returned as tokens too. Each delimiter will be returned as a one-character string... into tokens. private String tokenizeEx(String expression, String delims
To convert Speech to Text in java
resultAccepted(ResultEvent e) { Result r = (Result)(e.getSource()); ResultToken tokens...++) System.out.print(tokens[i].getSpokenText() + " "); System.out.println(); // Deallocate
an expression. Example of delimiters as tokens. import java.awt.*; import... the tokens //-------------------------------------------------- init() public void... JTextArea(20, 20); // display tokens tokenDisplay.setEditable(false
Date prorblem
= tokens[8]; .... (the date from source into local java filed
JAXP API using DOM Parser
instructions, tags, or some other defined sequence of tokens, and breaks them up
String Regex Methods
((line = input.readLine()) != null) { String[] tokens = line.trim().split("\\s+"); // Separated by "whitespace" int sum = 0; for (String t : tokens
Find number of words begin with the specified character
down the string into tokens and matches the first character of every token
how to use StringTokenizer to retrieve the class name, attributes name and methods name from the Java Source Code
how to use StringTokenizer to retrieve the class name, attributes name and methods name from the Java Source Code  hi, I have done a program whereby it can read a Java file and then tokenize them into tokens. However, I am facing
full description of program code
searches the words or tokens till the end of the string. The method nextToken() finds
StartCom Enterprise Linux 4.0.1 is available now
of smart cards and secure tokens on our enterprise systems. Linux is a UNIX like... to provide better support of smart cards and secure tokens on our Enterprise systems
Example - Replace word
; } This breaks the string into tokens, consisting of the text between delimiters, as well as the tokens consisting of the delimiters. The true parameter causes the delimiters to also be returned as tokens. You might not need
File I/O - Text Files
the best way to breaking strings into tokens like words, numbers, punctuation, etc... for breaking strings apart into tokens. Usually Scanner or regular
JAVA Compiliation
Lisp { public static List<Expr> parse(String[] tokens) throws Exception...;(); stack.push(new List<Expr>()); for (String token : tokens
Display first letter of every word in uppercase
read the string from the console. This string is then converted into tokens
Extract File data into JTable
into tokens using StringTokenizer class.These token are then stored in Vector
java - Development process
java  hi friends ex:--nari is a good boy i know how to convert the string into tokens but what i am asking means,i want the output below manner output:--boy good a is nari(i want this output) pls send
java please please help
to split this whole String "a" into broken tokens like a=100,b=200,c=300 so have
java collections
a="{a=100;b=200;c=300}" into broken tokens like a=100;b=200;c=300 so have used split
Java Util Package - Utility Package of Java
into its tokens.  Properties   The properties table contains
Java program for connectfour game
an error message Inform each player of how many tokens each has remaining If either player gets four of their tokens in consecutive
Write Text File to Table
an application into tokens. It constructs a string tokenizer for the given string...(): This is the method that returns the next tokens from the StringTokenizer object. 
email extractor - Java Beginners
line into tokens to see if it matches the pattern*/ while ((line
String Overview
. StringTokenizer Used to break a String into tokens (words). BufferedReaderBufferedWriter
JSP to add details to a database from a HTML form.
... I'm getting an error that I need to remove the tokens.. A lot of them it thinks