computer manufacture case study



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computer manufacture case study
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Computer Manufacturer Case Study BNM is an upcoming computer manufacturer. The company was making a mark in the desktop and laptop segment due to aggressive pricing and good products. The sales of the company increased rapidly and then the company decided to implement a software solution to improve the internal process. The company provides two types of outlets for selling their product - showroom sales and call center. The company has 3 laptop models and 5 desktop models at various price points. Laptop model Price BA1 28000 UT7 36000 NB2 32000 PO9 46000 BT5 52000 Desk top model Price BJ1 24000 UV7 25500 NP2 27000 PX9 29000 BM5 31000 The above mentioned models come with standard configuration and Windows 7 as OS. The customers can also go for various add on‚??s ‚??both hardware and software Hardware Item Base Price Software Base Price UPS Model A 4000 Microsoft Office 12000 UPS Model B 5000 Photoshop 14000 Printer- Canon 6000 Corel Draw 16000 Printer-Epson 7000 Norton Antivirus 18000 Modem 3500 Microsoft Visio 15000 Wireless Modem 7000 Outlook express 4000 Wireless Mouse 4790 Lotus Notes 6000 Wireless Keyboard 9482 Sun Java Communications suite 17000 If the customer walks into the sales outlet, the customer representatives explain the various models available and once the customer makes choice, he will enter details in the system. The proposed solution should have the provision to enter customer details like name, age sex, postal details, communication address etc. The system should be flexible enough so that additional details can be entered. If a particular model is not readily available, the customer can book by paying 20% of the price as booking amount. The same rule is applicable for add on‚??s too. The balance payment is made at the time of actual delivery. The company provides free warranty for one year from date of purchase. The customer can purchase additional warranty for 3 years by paying an additional charge of 5000 rs. Local taxes are extra. There is a tax of 6.62 % on all hardware components. All software is taxed at 4%. Service tax of 2.12 % is collected on warranty support. If the customer wants to purchase through the call center, the customer care executive takes the customer details. Since the call center is attached to the warehouse, all products will be available. But all call center customers will have to pay an additional 2000 rs as packing charge and additional 4000 rs as courier/delivery charges. The payment is made using credit card ‚??card authentication/operation is not in scope of this application. Orders made at the call center can be canceled with 24 hours of placing the order. A cancellation charge of 20% is levied for such orders. The system should be able to generate reports on : 1) Week wise /Month wise/Yearly Customer additions 2) Sales made through call center wise/showroom wise 3) Revenue generated model wise/add on wise 4) Cancellations at the call center Monthly/yearly 5) Tax collected monthly The above list is indicative; any additional reporting feature incorporated by the team will be always welcomed by the client.

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