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May 26, 2008 at 4:55 PM


Polymorphism means the ability to take more than one form. Polymorphism means 'any forms.' In OOP, it refers to the capability of objects to react differently for the same method.

In OOP methodoverloading refers to the capability of objects to react differently for the same method. Polymorphism can be implemented in Java language in form of multiple methods having the same method name. Java code uses a late-binding for supporting polymorphism, the method which is invoked is decided at runtime.

1. Method Overloading

2. Method Overriding

1. Method Overloading :-
Overloaded methods are methods have the same name, but different argument lists.
Overloaded methods have the same names but different argument lists. The arguments may differ in type or number, or both. However, the return types of overloaded methods can be the same or different.

Here is simple example of Overloading

class methodOverloading{

int add( int a,int b){
float sub(float a,float b){
double add( int a, double b,double c){
int mul(int i, int j){

public class mainClass extends methodOverloading{

public static void main(String arr[]){
System.out.println("This progrsm display the add massage.");
mainClass temp = new mainClass();
System.out.println("Addition value is: " +temp.add(10,20));
System.out.println("Subtraction value is: "+temp.sub(1.5f,2.3f));
System.out.println("Addion of double value is: "+temp.add(10,20.4,25.6));
System.out.println("Multiple value is: "+ temp.mul(10,10));

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