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xml - XML
xml  hi convert xml file to xml string in java ,after getting the xml string result and how to load xml string result? this my problem pls help..."); FileOutputStream output = new FileOutputStream("new.xml"); ReadXML xml = new
database  the code for initializing the database connection
database  i want to let the user select the name of database and then delete that doing project in swings netbeans
error log and send Database
error log and send Database  hi my requirement is validate xml and xsd in java.If there is an errors then i will log error and store into error table. so plz if any one knows send code urgent. error table details
ireport 2.0.2 software of jasperreport - XML
ireport 2.0.2 software of jasperreport  Sir, I am using ireport 2.0.2 software for creating .jrxml report. I want to create a bar chart using ireport software. I m using sql 10g as my database. The table consist
database  use of hyperlink to show the data from database
database  i need to insert time in my database. i need a code to insert time in my database. its very urgent
XML  Write a program using SAX that will count the number of occurrences of each element type in an XML document and display them. The document file...)); System.out.print("Enter XML file name:"); String xmlFile = bf.readLine
XML Interviews Question page10
XML Interviews Question page10       Can I use JavaScript, ActiveX, etc in XML files.... XML is about describing information; scripting languages and languages
database  tell me use about database and give me a small program.   It is secure and can easily be accessed, managed, and updated. Moreover... links: Connect JSP with database Mysql Connect Java with database Mysql