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Core Java Interview Question, Interview Question
Question: What are synchronized methods and synchronized statements? Answer: Synchronized methods are methods that are used to control access to an object. A thread only executes a synchronized method after it has acquired the lock
methods are unsynchronized whereas the methods of Vector are synchronized. And the performance of synchronized method is costlier
Synchronization - Java Beginners
Synchronization  If in a class a method is synchronised then the accessing thread is going to get the object lock to the whole class or lock is given only on the synchronized method  Hi Friend, Please visit
thread class - Java Beginners
) { synchronized(this) { cnt1++; decrementor.notifyWait(cnt1); try { wait...() { synchronized(this) { notify(); } } public void done(){ done = true...) { synchronized(this) { try { wait(); } catch (InterruptedException e
Sync Threads
Sync Threads  "If two threads wants to execute a synchronized method in a class, and both threads are using the same instance of the class to invoke the method then only one thread can execute the method at a time." This is what
Collections arraylist - Java Interview Questions
"); al.add("3"); List list = Collections.synchronizedList(al); synchronized
corejava - Java Beginners
block, function or class can be declared as a synchronized one.  Hello
Java Methods
is to be remember that wait method is used inside the synchronized code... Synchronized The Java language Program supports multi threads. The synchronized... synchronized method at a time
Threads   public class P3 extends Thread{ void waitForSignal() throws InterruptedException { Object obj = new Object(); synchronized (Thread.currentThread()) { obj.wait
Collections Framework
Collections Framework  Sir, We know that both HashMap & Hashtable is using for same purposes i.e Used for storing keys-values pair. But there is some difference between this two class that are 1)Hashtable is synchronized