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Example of HashMap class in java
Example of HashMap class in java. The HashMap is a class in java collection framwork. It stores values in the form of key/value pair. It is not synchronized
Double-checked locking,java tutorials,java tutorial
thread can access that synchronized method or block. Lets have a look... singletonInstance; // synchronized method public static synchronized... the synchronized method. i.e. If one thread is executing the synchronized method
java - Java Interview Questions
. *)ArrayList is non synchronized.Vector is synchronized. *)ArrayList is very fast because non synchronized. *)ArrayList is not synchronized(not Thread-safe)but Vector is Synchronized(Thread-safe) *)ArrayList gives better performance
Java :Thread Synchronization
synchronization - synchronized methods and synchronized statements. Syntax of synchronized method - synchronized methodName(arguments) { // statements } Syntax of synchronized statement - synchronized(object) { // statements
Thread Synchronization in Java
the synchronized keyword. The statements which need to be synchronized should put into the synchronized block It is also known as critical section. The synchronized block is defined as follows : synchronized(object) { // statements
Please clarify my doubt
A { synchronized void foo(B b) { String name...(); } synchronized void last() { System.out.println("Inside A.last()"); } } class B { synchronized void bar(A a) { String
ArrayList and Vector
ArrayList and Vector  hello, Why ArrayList is faster than Vector?   hii, ArrayList is faster than Vector, because ArrayList is not synchronized. Synchronization will reduce the performance of Vector
the object has synchronized method code. By associating a shared resource with a Java object and its lock, the object can act as a guard, ensuring synchronized... in synchronized method and released the lock means exits the synchronized method
Java Threads - Java Beginners
Java Threads  Why we use synchronized() method?  Hi Friend, We used synchronized() method to allow one thread to execute at a time.It allows the threads to wait for resources to become available and also notify
Java Thread Wait,Notify
in the synchronized context(methdod,block) Java Thread Wait & Notify Example public... InterruptedException { passenger p = new passenger(); p.start(); synchronized (p...; public void run() { synchronized (this) { System.out.println("wait