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delete row from a table using hibernate
delete row from a table using hibernate  //code in java file String hql="delete from CONTACT c where ID=6"; Query query=session.createQuery(hql); //error when executing above code CONTACT is not mapped
CharScanner; panic: ClassNotFoundException: org.hibernate.hql.ast.HqlToken - Hibernate
, List qry = session.createQuery("from LoginBean").list...(List qry = session.createQuery("from LoginBean").list();), after that getting
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: node to traverse cannot be null!
().openSession(); ts = session.beginTransaction(); hbQuery = session.createQuery...){} The error is generating on hbQuery = session.createQuery(query.toString
Hibernate 5 query deprecated
were using the method session.createQuery(QUERY)  to create Query object... SQL_QUERY ="from Employee obj"; Query query = session.createQuery...); List employeeList = session.createQuery(cq).getResultList(); for (Employee
select Query result display problem
select Query result display problem  Hi, String SQL_QUERY ="from Cc"; Query query = session.createQuery(SQL_QUERY); for(Iterator it=query.iterate();it.hasNext();){ Object[] row = (Object[])
Min Value
min(id) from QuestionModel result_info"; Query query = session.createQuery
Hibernate criteria query
Hibernate criteria query  Hi... I need criteria query like query = session.createQuery("from Affiliate a, Group b, CountryMaster c where a.countryId=c.Chrono and a.groupId=b.Chrono and a.type =1 "); like this in hibernate
hibernate code problem - Hibernate
= session.createQuery (SQL_QUERY); for(Iterator it=query.iterate() ;it.hasNext... = session.createQuery (SQL_QUERY); for(Iterator it=query.iterate() ;it.hasNext
sum and avg function using HQL.
(emp.salary) FROM Employee emp"; Query sumQuery = session.createQuery(sumHql); Query avgQuery = session.createQuery(avgHql
hibernate update problem
= session.createQuery("update LoginForm set logintime = '"+loginTime+"' where