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generating random numbers - Java Beginners
on that we will make a prediction. Our plan is to use a weighted average of the 5 most... to one to be a weighted average, but some of them may be negative. We... will then choose the weighting that has the smallest average error for its
a java program
a java program  Write a java program that accepts positive numbers from the user and finds both the average, maximum, and the minimum value of entered numbers. The sentinel value (the last value that differs from the previous
java program
java program  hi friends how to make a java program for getting non prime odd numbers in a given series
Prime Numbers
Prime Numbers  Create a complete Java program that allows the user... with the first n prime numbers. Your program should then display the contents of the array elements. You program should also ensure that the user enters
prime numbers - Java Beginners
prime numbers  Write a java program to find the prime numbers between n and m
SQL Average Count
example ,which helps you to calculate the average count of any records specified... SQL Average Count       Average Count in SQL is used to count the aggregate sum of any field
Finding Average in JSP
number of elements.   The code of the program is given below:    ...Finding Average in JSP          In mathematics, an average is a measure
numbers  Write a program that read 15 integers between 0 and 6 and a method to search, displays and returns the number that has the highest occurrence. Prompt the user if the number is not within this range.   Hello
Java Program
Java Program  How can i calculate the sum for the given string variable "7 A B Z 6 2 ".The output should be 15
Highest average score among 25 students
Highest average score among 25 students  a program that prompts... again the grade) calculate average per student and will calculate the highest average among students who should be printed. how can i solve this problem