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Project Architecture - Java Interview Questions
Project Architecture  i want project architectre diagram and also flow plz explian in layers of the project architecture flow?i want discrpption for this one
Architecture of application
Architecture of application  Hello, I would like to know your ideas about how to approach with my project. The solution has already some identified... are following: - is there any other possible library to use for GUI that Swing
Entity Relationship Diagram
for the following scenario. Include any attributes you think should... is kept of his number, name title and salary. . For every project a record... each engineer has on a particular project abd the amount of time spent
ER Diagram
ER Diagram  is there is any tool to draw ER diagram automatically ? (Like when i am connecting to Database i want to ER Diagram of That DB..i don't want to do it manually
JPA Architecture
JPA Architecture       JPA Architecture: In this section we will discuss the architecture... from oracle iBatis Open JPA You can easily plug any persistence provider
Web Application Common Architecture
Web Application Common Architecture  Hi, Any one tell me, while project constructing , how they architect it which means using some layers and specify importance of layers. And also best way to follow program flow
Hibernate Architecture
describes the high level architecture of hibernate: The above diagram shows...Hibernate Architecture       In this lesson you will learn the architecture of Hibernate. 
UML Diagram - UML
UML Diagram  How I Can Draw my UML Diagram,my Project subject is Graphical Representation of Array Sorting(Bubble Sorting,Selection Sort,Merge Sort,Insertion Sort,Quick Sort) ,How I Can Draw UML diagram for this project. plz
Hibernate Overview and Architecture
Hibernate Overview and Architecture - Learn the basics of the Hibernate ORM... and discussing about the Architecture of the Hibernate ORM. Here we will discuss about Hibernate Architecture. Hibernate has a layered architecture making
Entity Relationship Diagram 3
Entity Relationship Diagram 3  Task 3 Activities: Identify all entities and attributes from the given scenario. Draw entity relationship diagram... and a research specialty. ? Projects have a project number , a sponsor name (e,g