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java runtime error - JDBC
. Sol: This exception can occur when the source is built targeting a JDK that is not supported by the JDK attempting to run it. In the above example, if the servlet was built targeting only JDK 1.5, but the web server runs JDK 1.4
Making Enumerations Iterable - JDK 5 Example

Y - Java Terms
Y - Java Terms       Extending Java with Yield Yielder library is a library that uses Java 1.5's facility to hook user-defined class inspectors
EasyCollage 1.5 is now available

Maven Dependency activemq >> 1.5

Maven Dependency relaxngDatatype >> 1.5

Maven Dependency xercesImpl >> 1.5

Maven Dependency xsdlib >> 1.5

Maven Dependency ant >> 1.5

Maven Dependency args4j-tools >> 1.5