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opening new browser with new JSESSIONID using java
opening new browser with new JSESSIONID using java  I am facing... browser but with the same JSESSIONID of which IE browser window i opened manually. Her it is giving same JSESSIONID for both the windows(one is manually opened
Sessions  how to set JSESSIONID in JSP login page...   Hi Friend, Please visit the following links: Thanks
SwitchAction Application in struts 1.3.10
Creating URL using
the jsessionid in the end of the URL.  We can do the same thing by using
rewriting we still have to tell the container to append the jsessionid in the end
on this link to get more detail:;jsessionid
Cookie Tag:
:cookie id="sess" name="JSESSIONID"/>   
Tomahawk columns tag
; jsessionid=8A5A0129087A6D95E2936D8C3A750687" enctype="
Tomahawk selectManyListbox tag
;/tomahawk_tags/pages/selectManyListbox.jsf; jsessionid
Tomahawk selectOneCountry tag
/selectOneCountry.jsf; jsessionid=758E2FAD7C199D722DA8B5E243E0E27D"