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compilation error - Java Beginners
; JPanel jp; JButton b[]; CardLayout cl; BLayout(String s) { jp = new JPanel... = new JButton[20]; String s1[] = {"north","south","east","west","center... BLayout implements ActionListener { JFrame f ; JPanel jp; JButton b
createCustomer method in Java - Java Beginners
); date.setBounds(150,15,150,20); general.add(date); JButton quit = new JButton... ); volumeText.setEditable(false); pools.add( volumeText ); JButton calcVolume = new JButton...); JButton quit = new JButton("Quit"); quit.setBounds(350,250,80,30
Java swing - Java Beginners
); JTextField text2=new JTextField(10); JLabel lab=new JLabel(""); JButton b1=new JButton("Login"); JButton b2=new JButton("Register"); panel.add
uploading a text file into a database
: "); final JTextField text=new JTextField(20); JButton b1=new JButton("Browse"); JButton b2=new JButton("Upload
Swing UI alignment Issue on different Platform - Swing AWT
" }; public SampleReport() { JPanel btnPanel = new JPanel(); JButton refreshBtn = new JButton("Refresh"); JButton print = new JButton("Print"); JButton startPoll = new JButton("Poll"); JButton showTdata = new JButton("Send Data
java code - Java Beginners
JTextField(20); static JTextField text3=new JTextField(20); static JButton button=new JButton("Save"); static JPanel panel=new JPanel(new GridLayout(4,2)); static JButton button1=new JButton("Browse"); static JButton button2=new
Java Program - Java Beginners
Caption Messages Layout FlowLayout JButton Name... JButton Name cmdBad Caption Bad
How to add icons on a button or any component in java - Java Beginners
"); JButton button = new JButton(""); Icon imgicon = new ImageIcon
Progress Bar - Swing AWT
ActionListener { JProgressBar pb = new JProgressBar(); JButton progress1 = new JButton("Progress1"); JButton progress2 = new JButton("Progress2... interval = 1000; JProgressBar pb = new JProgressBar(); JButton progress1 = new
Java Swings - Java Beginners
program import javax.swing.*; class ButtonSizeTest extends JFrame { JButton... JButton(btnCaption); btnDynamic.setLocation(100,100); btnDynamic.setSize