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read a positive real numbers from highest to lowest
read a positive real numbers from highest to lowest  write a java program that will read a sequence of 10 positive real nos. entered by the user and will print the same numbers in sorted order from lowest to highest using arrays
Sum of first n numbers
Sum of first n numbers  i want a simple java program which will show the sum of first n numbers....   import java.util.*; public class...; } System.out.println("Sum of Numbers from 1 to "+n+" : "+sum
){ Scanner input=new Scanner(; System.out.print("Enter value of n...; sum=sum+s; if(i==n){ System.out.print(s...+"+"); } System.out.print("\nSum of the series : "+sum
Arrays   Hi I need help with the following exercises. Exercise 1... in the array, and also their position in the array. Display the sum and average... initialize an array with 10 String values. Randomly select a value from the array
called; 2.Create two arrays. One of them must store integer numbers... the numbers in the second array by 3; 7.Print out the contents of both arrays. 8.Swap...; 3.Fill the first array with numbers from 1 to 5 and the second one with numbers
Sum of integers
Sum of integers  A Java program that reads an integer value from the user and displays i) the sum of all even integers between 1 and the input value, both inclusive. ii) The sum of all odd integers between 1 and the input
Calculate sum and Average in java
); System.out.println("Avg- " + avg); } } Output Input any Value. Description:- In this example we are calculating sum and average of n numbers... the for loop, we have calculated the sum of all numbers. And after dividing
javascript value to hidden input
javascript value to hidden input  How to take input for the hidden fields in JavaScript?   $(".Search").keyup(function() { var id =; $('#'+id+'Temp').val($(this).val
Sum of positive and negative numbers
]; } } System.out.println("Sum of positive numbers: "+sum2); System.out.println("Sum of negative numbers: "+sum1...Sum of positive and negative numbers  Hi if someone could help
Calculate the Sum of three Numbers
Calculate the Sum of Three Numbers   ... . In this section you will learn how to calculate the sum of three numbers by using three...; To assign the value of the numbers define a method main. Remember we