Spring AOP DefaultAdvisorAutoproxyCreator

In this tutorial you will learn how to create proxy bean automatically using DefaultAdvisorAutoproxyCreator


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Spring AOP DefaultAdvisorAutoproxyCreator


In this tutorial you will learn how to create proxy bean automatically using DefaultAdvisorAutoproxyCreator


In this example you will see the use of DefaultAdvisorAutoproxyCreator. It automatically creates the prxy for every bean of an application. There is no need to create the proxy bean manually if you are using DefaultAdvisorAutoproxyCreator.


package roseindia.net.bean;

public class EmployeBean {
	String empName;
	int empId;

	public EmployeBean() {


	public String getEmpName() {
		return empName;

	public void setEmpName(String empName) {
		this.empName = empName;

	public int getEmpId() {
		return empId;

	public void setEmpId(int empId) {
		this.empId = empId;

	public EmployeBean(String empName, int empId) {
		this.empName = empName;
		this.empId = empId;

	public void showDetail() {
		System.out.println("Name " + this.empName + " Id " + this.empId);


package roseindia.net.advice;

import java.lang.reflect.Method;

import org.aopalliance.intercept.MethodInterceptor;
import org.aopalliance.intercept.MethodInvocation;
import org.springframework.aop.MethodBeforeAdvice;

public class MethodBeforeAdviceExample implements MethodBeforeAdvice {

	public void before(Method method, Object[] objects, Object object)
			throws Throwable {
		// TODO Auto-generated method stub
		System.out.println("Inside Method Before Advice");
		System.out.println("Executing " + method.getName() + "() Method");



package roseindia.net.main;

import org.springframework.context.ApplicationContext;
import org.springframework.context.support.ClassPathXmlApplicationContext;
import org.springframework.context.support.FileSystemXmlApplicationContext;

import roseindia.net.bean.EmployeBean;

public class MainClaz {
	public static void main(String args[]) {
		ApplicationContext applicationContext = new ClassPathXmlApplicationContext(
				new String[] { "roseindia/net/config/springConfig.xml" });
		EmployeBean employeBean = (EmployeBean) applicationContext



<beans xmlns="http://www.springframework.org/schema/beans"

  <bean id="employeBean" class="roseindia.net.bean.EmployeBean">
    <property name="empName" value="Vinay" />
    <property name="empId" value="007" />

  <bean id="beforeAdvice" class="roseindia.net.advice.MethodBeforeAdviceExample" />

  <bean id="employeAdvisor"
    <property name="mappedName" value="showDetail" />
    <property name="advice" ref="beforeAdvice" />
    class="org.springframework.aop.framework.autoproxy.DefaultAdvisorAutoProxyCreator" />


When you run this application it will display message as shown below:

Inside Method Before Advice
Executing showDetail() Method
Name Vinay Id 7

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