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SCJP Sample questions and answers.

In this you will see all different questions of the SCJP exam.
Java Basics
In this section you will see various question related to classes(concrete, abstract and nested class), interface, and enums. It also includes the use of package and imports statements.
Flow Control
In this section you will see many different question on flow control statement like if, switch, while, for, etc.
Inner Classes
In this section you will see many different types of questions related to inner class.
Method overriding or overloading
In this Section,you will find questions on Method overriding or overloading. This section also has answers & reasons related to the Questions.
Loop statement
In this SCJP topic you will see many questions on loops and iteration, including do, while, label, break, continue and uses of assertions.
Exception Handling
In this SCJP section,you can find the various questions on Exception handling.This section include questions on try,catch, throw,throws,finally etc.
Autoboxing and Unboxing
In this SCJP topic you will various sample question on uses of primitive wrapper classes, autoboxing and unboxing.
In this SCJP module you will see various questions on thread and Runnable inteface.
In this Scjp Section, you will find the question on collections' topic i.e. list, Map, Queue,Navigable Map,Navigable Set etc.
File Handling
In this SCJP topic you will see many question on package's classes like File, FileReader, FileWriter, PrintWriter.
Serializable Interface
In this SCJP section you will see many question on the package's classes like DataInputStream, DataOutputStream, FileInputStream, FileOutputStream, ObjectInputStream, ObjectOutputStream and Serializable.
Locale and java.text package
In this Scjp section , you wil find various questions on Locale and java.text package.


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