Features of JDBC


Features of JDBC

In this tutorial you will learn the different feature of JDBC

In this tutorial you will learn the different feature of JDBC

Feature A JDBC


JDBC java database connectivity (JDBC) is an API (Application Programming Interface) for java that allows the Java programmer to access the Database. The JDBC API consists of a numbers of classes and interfaces, written in java programming language, they provides a numbers of methods for updating and querying a data in a database. It is a relational database oriented driver. It makes a bridge between java application and database API?s. Java application utilises the features of database using JDBC.

Features of JDBC

Following are the features of JDBC

1. Get a connection ?A java application can be connected to a database either using DriverManager or DataSource object.

2. Connection Pooling- It allows the java application to reuse database connection the connection that has been created already instead of creating a new connection every time. Creating and destroying a database connection is very costly, therefore this feature is very important for java application.

3. Rowsets ? The rowsets objects contains the tabular data. It makes the possible to pass the rows data to the network. Therefore they are widely used in distributed application. Rowsets also makes the possible to use scrolling when underlying database does not support the scrollable resultset.

4. New data type supports ? This is the ability of JDBC to manipulate large object such as BLOB and CLOB without bringing them to the java programmer from the database server.

5. Batch Updating ? This feature provides the ability to send multiple updates to the database to be executed as batch rather than sending each update separately.

6. Result set enhancement
a. Scrollable Result set ? It provides the ability to move the cursor backward and forward to a specific position. This feature is used by GUI took for programmatic updating.
b. Updateable Result set ? It allows the modification of data in a database table using result set.

7. Savepoints ? JDBC contains a Savepoint interface which contains a new method to set a savepoints, to release a save point and to rollback a transaction to desired savepoints