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HTML5 bold tag, Definition of bold <b> tag in html5.

Definition of bold tag in HTML5.

HTML5 bold tag, Definition of bold<b> tag in html 5.

In this illustration we will discuss use of <b> tag in html5 and its implementation in the html document.

The <b> tag is used for setting the words in bold style. The <b> tag specifies the text in the document for clarifying  with the surrounding text. The use of <b> tag will highlight the text/ title. 

This tag convey extra importance on the text such as Keywords, Abstract, Headings etc.  

This tag is used as last option when no other tag is found suitable.

Declaration syntax:

The syntax for declaring the tag is:

            <b>Content</b> .

The text which we want to show in bold format is written within the <b></b>tags.

Here is the example of implementing the <b> tag.



<!DOCTYPE html >
  <title> Example Bold(<b>tag </title>
  you work on <b>JAVA</b> Technology.



Note: See the browser compatible page for successfully rendering the program.

Download This Example.



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