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How to become a PHP Developer?


Learn how you can become a PHP developer in easy to follow steps.

In this section we will show you the steps you need to follow to become a good PHP developer. This explains you all the technologies you have to learn to become a PHP Developer. You will definitely find this step-by-step tutorial very helpful in making great career in PHP development.

The PHP is popular popular programming language to develop web applications. It helps the developers to quickly develop the web applications and e-commerce application to help the businesses.

To become a PHP developer following the following steps:

How to become PHP Developer?

a) PHP Basics

Steps 1:
Downloading and installing PHP environment.

The easiest option is to download and install WAMP server on your windows machine. The WAMP server provides the development environment where you can run and test your PHP program. The WAMP server also installs the MySQL server, which can be used to develop PHP application backed with MySQL database. These days MySQL is frequently used to develop the dynamic websites.

You can learn more about downloading and installing WAMP server at our PHP 5.0. Installation and at How to Install WAMP Server on XP and Windows sections.

Step 2:
Running and testing application on WAMP

Now after successfully installing the WAMP server you should learn how to use the WAMP server. Learn at our Running & Testing on WAMP server section. 

Step 3:
Develop Hello World PHP application

Learn how to write and run the Hello World application. The first step in developing and running an Hello World application. Its the first step in developing any application. In all programming language Hello World application is the first application that programmer develops. So, let's develop the Hello World PHP application

Step 4:
Learn how to use PHP variables

The next steps is to understand the variables in PHP. Now you should learn how to create variables in PHP and use effectively in the programming. The variables allows you to store some values such as user name, password etc. in the memory at the time of execution of the PHP script. Learn it at our PHP Working with Variables Tutorial and PHP variables 2 sections.

Step 5:
Learn PHP basics

Now you are much comfortable with the PHP programming language. Now you should learn the PHP Basics in detail at our Basics PHP tutorials for beginners tutorial section.

Step 6:
Learn to use MySQL

Now you should learn to access the database in your PHP program. MySQL is one of the most used database with the PHP program. The Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP is used to develop and deploy world class web applications and e-commerce applications. Now you should learn the PHP Database and PHP MySQL Connect to a Database tutorials.

After learning the above tutorials you will find in better position to develop PHP based applications. Now in this "How to become PHP Developer?" series you should learn the small PHP projects.

b) PHP Projects

Now you should learn how to learn small PHP based projects. After leaning the PHP projects you will be able apply the PHP knowledge to develop PHP projects.



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