Installing flash builder4


Installing flash builder4

Learn how to install Flash Builder 4

Learn how to install Flash Builder 4

Installing and Running Flash Builder 4

With the release of Flex 4, adobe also released Flash Builder 4 tool that was formerly known as Flex Builder. This tool is available commercially but you can use its trial version for 60 days period. Further in this tutorial, you will see how to install and run it.

Step 1: Download the flash builder

Download the flash builder from adobe website url

To buy the flash builder, click the link "Buy Now" and to download for trial purpose , click the link "Get the trial". Create an account with Adobe and get the executable file for flash builder. Save the file to your system.

Step 2: Execute the downloaded file

Double click the downloaded file and provide the location where you want the file to be extracted. In our case, it is C:\FlashBuilder4

Step 3: Click the Next button, it will show screen like below:


Step 4:After files are extracted, go to the location as given in picture below where you will see Set-up.exe.


Step 5:Double click the setup, a installer window opens.

Step 6:Next, you will see software license agreement window.


Step 7:Accept the agreement by clicking the ACCEPT button. Now, You will see new screen asking for providing serial number or use as trial.


Step 8: If you want flashbuilder as trial product then select "Install this product as a trial" and click NEXT button.

Step 9: Specify the location where you want to install the flash builder. In our case, it is default location that is already selected by the installer. Click INSTALL button to start installing the builder.

Step 10: You will see the screen below when installation completes. Click done button.


Step 11: Now, to start flash builder, go to the location as shown in picture below. 


Step 12: Double click the FlashBuilder.exe. You will see the flash builder is  opened and is showing the start page as shown in picture below: