SwitchSymbolFormatter in FLex4

The SwitchSymbolFormatter Class is used for creating custom Formatters.


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SwitchSymbolFormatter in FLex4


The SwitchSymbolFormatter Class is used for creating custom Formatters.

SwitchSymbolFormatter in Flex4:

The SwitchSymbolFormatter Class is used for creating custom Formatters. This Class is used for replacing placeholder characters in a string with another number string. In this example we useed SocialSecurityNumber for formatting. The format string is ###-##-#### and the input string is a nine digit number such as 345678934. After formatting the number will be shown like 345-67-8934. If an error occurs this error will be shown by the error property. The error property has two types of error values: Invalid value, Invalid format.
It is created by the action script. It has no component.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

<s:Application xmlns:fx="http://ns.adobe.com/mxml/2009"



minWidth="955" minHeight="600" xmlns:local="*">



import mx.formatters.SwitchSymbolFormatter;

import mx.events.ValidationResultEvent;

private var result:ValidationResultEvent;

private function checkFormat():void


result = scValidator.validate();

if (result.type==ValidationResultEvent.VALID) {

var temp:SwitchSymbolFormatter=new SwitchSymbolFormatter('#');

numlbl.text =temp.formatValue("###-##-####", numtxt.text);


else {

numlbl.text= "Invalid Number";






<mx:SocialSecurityValidator id="scValidator" source="{numtxt}" property="text"/>


<s:Panel title="SwitchSymbolFormatter Example" width="691">

<mx:Form backgroundColor="#096465" width="689">

<mx:FormItem label="Enter number with no Characters:" color="#FFFFFF"


<s:TextInput id="numtxt" text="" width="100%" maxChars="9" color="#000000"



<mx:FormItem label="Formatted Social Security Number:" color="#FFFFFF"


<s:Label id="numlbl" color="#FFFFFF" fontFamily="verdana"/>



<s:Button label="Format" click="checkFormat();"/>






Running Application:

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