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Posted on: March 9, 2011 at 12:00 AM
In this tutorial you will see the index of shopping cart

Shopping Cart Application

    What is Shopping Cart ?

    A shopping cart is an application which runs on the server and allows users to do online shopping. It allows customer to browse catalogue of products from store, add selected items to the basket and place an order for shopping. It makes an interface between the sellers and the customers.

    The shopping card application is an core part of any e-commerce based website, it integrate many feature of the website. It can be written in to a verity of languages. There are may carts available freeware written in different languages.

    It reads the product information stored in the database and displays to the customer for shopping. It displays the search results about the product to the customer. In administration part part of the application, allows the feature to add the product to the, process the payment and transaction.

    When the customer visits the store, to view the product the, page created dynamically(on real time) appears. This page is generated by the web server after reading the data from the database.

    When customer clicks on the product link the complete detail of the product is opened on a new page. And When he/she clicks on the Purchase button  purchasing the product, then he enters into the payment option for making payment for the product, after filling the correct payment details he owns that product and the product is added to his shopping cart.

  1. Introduction to Application
  2. Shopping Cart Features
  3. Database Design
  4. Creating Data Access Object (DAO) Design Pattern
  5. Modules in a application
  6. Working Of An Application
  7. Download Source Code
  8. Download Source Code (As WAR file)

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