Struts Framework - Apache Struts Framework an Introduction
Posted on: November 12, 2010 at 12:00 AM
An Introduction to the Apache Struts Framework. Apache Struts framework is used to develop MVC based web applications.

Struts Framework - Apache Struts Framework an Introduction

Apache Struts is open source framework that implements the MVC Design pattern. Apache Struts Framework is used to develop enterprise web applications. The Struts framework was originally written by the Craig McClanahan and donated to Apache Software Foundation in May, 2000.

The most advanced version of Struts framework is Struts 2.

Apache Struts framework is written in Java. It is 100% Java framework. Struts Framework helps the developer to create scalable, robust enterprise applications.

Apache Struts Framework Tutorials

Following tutorials are useful in learning Apache Struts Framework :

  1. Struts 2.2.1
  2. Struts 2.1.8
  3. Struts 2
  4. Struts 1 Examples

More Struts Tutorials

How to get Struts framework?

Learn how to Download and Install Struts 2 framework.


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