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Fashion and design are concepts that have a history as long as human civilization. Man recognized the role of apparel and accessories as a means of personal expression quite early on in history and thus started the evolution of fashion through the ages. For many people, fashion is an integral part of their identity.

Today the global fashion industry is a significant contributor to worldwide economy in terms of investment, revenue, trade as well as employment opportunities. It is also one of the fastest growing sectors. From a total revenue of US $ 1, 252.8 billion in 2006 it grew to about US $ 1,781.7 billion by the end of 2010.

The proliferation of the Internet has effected a major transition in the way the industry operates. E-commerce today generates $ 5.873 Billion. This amounts to only 3.2 per cent of the total revenues. However the figure is already comparable to catalogue sales, which claim 3.9 percent of the total revenues. With the ever increasing pace of life for majority of the demographics, e-commerce looks set to hog a much bigger portion of the pie. An internet presence is an inevitable part of existence in every major industry today.

When it comes to fashion industry, everyone from the layman to the fashion journalist is a prospective critic, because fashion is a phenomenon that touches everyone?s life in some way. Thus it is crucial to project the right image in every interaction with the world, from advertising campaigns to shows and even the web presence.

Whether you are a fashion designer, manufacturer or retailer, Rose India can help you create your own Fashion Designing Website and Promote the Fashion Design website services and products. At Rose India we are aware of the importance of appearance to a fashion web site. We can offer you a variety of attractive and creative Web Designing Templates across various platforms. We offer you unobtrusive designs and layouts that help to highlight your fashion photographs and product images. Our web design experts have years of experience in creating industry-aligned website structures that are intuitive and easy to navigate. With our web creations, you can rest assured that the visitors are effortlessly guided to the best you can offer. For more information on our fashion web designs Templates, please contact us.


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