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PHP 5.4.23 Features  
PHP 5.4.23 Features: PHP has released the latest version of PHP 'PHP 5.4.23'. In the article we have discussed the most crucial features of PHP 5.4.23..

PHP Error Handling Functions  
PHP Error Handling Functions and example that explains how to create user defined error handling functionalists. .

PHP Regular Expression  
Regular expression in PHP allows finding and replacing a particular string in PHP. Especially PHP regular expression is used to validate form and compare strings etc..

PHP Coding Standards for Developers  
In this article you will find basic PHP coding standards that must be followed by every PHP developer in order to make their code more presentable and understandable one to the peer programmers. .

PHP Frameworks: Which PHP Framework to choose for 2014?  
The article compare between popular PHP frameworks to select more crucial framework that meet your development needs in 2014. In the article we have discussed several PHP frameworks that meet your requirement, saves time and efforts..

PHP jQuery Example  
This page discusses - PHP jQuery Example.

PHP Error handling  
This page discusses - PHP Error handling.

PHP Ajax and Database  
In this following tutorial we will study how to connect PHP, JavaScript, and Database using Ajax. .

PHP SimpleXML  
SimpleXML is a new feature of PHP which has been included in PHP 5, it similar to DOM and Expat but simpler than these parsers..

PHP MySQL Delete  
In SQL, sometimes we need to delete unwanted records from the table..

PHP MySQL Update  
In SQL, Update is another statement which is used to update any record of a table..

php MySQL order by clause  
In SQL generally we use three clauses, select ,from, and where..

PHP MySQL Connect to a Database  
In WAMP software stack, php and mysql are bundled together and we can use it with so much ease..

PHP Session  
A PHP session variable is used to store the information about a user and the information is available in all the pages of one application..

php Strings  
String is the collection of characters which is stored in a single variable..

php Operators  
Operators are one of the important feature of every language..

php Basic Syntax  
In the given tutorial we will study how to write the basic syntax of php:.

php include and require  
In php include and require are almost same but the difference between these two is require .

php Include  
Include command provides the opportunity to include several php pages within a single page. .

php $_GET and $_POST functions  
PHP provides two special functions called $_GET & $_POST, this functions are used to get the values which are passed from a user-filled form, like user registration or login form etc..

PHP Filter  
PHP filters are used to validate and filter data coming from insecure sources, like user input..

PHP variables 2  
Variables in php are dynamically declared and used. .

PHP ini  
PHP provides us so many facilities, php..

PHP Ajax  
AJAX is the acronym for Asynchronous JAvascript and Xml, is not a language rather it is a technique to create interactive or dynamic web page. .

PHP : Form to Email  
With the help of this tutorial you can send mails to a user using a form, as we have discussed in our earlier tutorial, it is very easy to send mails using PHP and any mail server like argosoft mail server.

PHP XML and PHP Backends Sharing Data Tutorial  
What if you could script remote procedure calls between web sites as easily as you can do among programs? This tutorial will explain how it can be done in PHP..

PHP E-Mail  
E-Mail is an abbreviation of Electronic Mail, it is a method of passing, exchanging of thoughts..

PHP Display date and time  
In this tutorial you will learn how to display the time in PHP program..

PHP Make a shoutbox without using MYSQL Tutorial  
Make a shoutbox (mini forum) without using complex MYSQL databases..

PHP PHP Triad Tutorial  
Run PHP scripts on your computer, find out where and how..

PHP Sorting Arrays Tutorial  
Learn how to sort your arrays in different ways with this tutorial..

PHP Working with Variables Tutorial  
Variables are one of the most important concepts of PHP, learn how to use them here..

PHP Displaying the date and time in your timezone Tutorial  
Display the time and date on your website, accurate to your timezone offset..

PHP Cookies and Sessions Flood protection using cookies Tutorial  
Cookies are an integral part of any good website, learn one application of them here..


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