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Open Source Live Customer Support Systems written in Java

Live Customer Support Systems

Open Source Home
  • AnswerChat - AnswerChat is a complete customer support tool and website chat program.

    AnswerChat is a fast, reliable Customer Relations Manager (CRM) for any size business. Many of your website visitors are likely to be potential clients, and first impressions are everything. When your visitors see that they are able to chat with your staff right from your website, they will know you will be there to assist them with sales, technical support, and much more.

    With AnswerChat, when a customer visits your website, they can instantly see if someone is available to chat with them. And all they need to do to start a conversation with you is click on the AnswerChat button on your website.
  • CallSite - If you want to add Live Support to your web site, either for the purpose of converting the visitors to your Web site from browsers to buyers or for the purpose of providing live Tech Support, Customer Service, one to one distant learning, etc. - then you want NetDIVEs CallSite. CallSite is by far the leading web based Live Support solution. Because CallSite unlike other live support solutions does not offer just basic Text chat which your customers and Agents will more often than not find very limiting and hence unproductive - CallSite offers advanced communication features that result in much higher sales and customer satisfaction, such as Full Duplex Voice over IP and Application Sharing.

  • Chattalooga Live Help - Chattalooga Live Help - Live Customer Support Help Desk! - An Extraordinary Customer Care Solution - Hosted on our powerful dual processor servers. Just set up your departments, load your logo, cut and paste some HTML and you are ready to interact with your site visitors and customers. All you or your site vistor needs is a browser - no plug-ins, no server maintenance, no installations - just do what you do best!!

  • Groopz - Groopz has already helped thousands of ebusinesses leverage their site traffic by implementing the proper tools to engage prospective buyers and provide superior customer support.

    Groopz will become the one tool that will push your business forward.

    Groopz can be implemented on your site within 24 hours giving you the ability to engage site visitors and provide live customer service, technical support and other helpdesk functions.

    It can be applied as an e-commerce solution, as well as, a customer service tool.
  • havChat - havChatTM is a commercial java chat server software application. It includes several java chat applet clients ranging in size from approximately 37 to 109 KB.

    havChat offers APIs for using your own User Database (or not), for attaching your own server monitor (or not) to the chat server software application and for attaching your own Chat Bot code to the chat applets -Moderation - Public & Private rooms - Server-wide Master Settings - Private messaging within public rooms - multiple Whiteboard support,
  • KUIconnect! and KUIcontact!, - KUIconnect! is a java chat product that takes a few minutes to learn and less than hour to set up. You can order your live help chat software free trial right now by clicking on the free trial link. Ordering your free trial only takes a minute.

    click on a link in your email signature and connect directly to YOU. It
    packed with features, but it that simple!

    • A customer service offering that enables any person that uses email to
      enhance their marketing, sales or general business activity by giving
      customers the attention they deserve with secure, instant messaging.

    • Puts the personal back into service through its
      interactive communication

    • When your customers need help, you can give it to them instantly.


    Australian designed.

    Hosted in Australia, USA and Canada.

    Secure and encrypted, providing a level of comfort to both parties that their interaction remains confidential.

    Anytime, Anywhere via the internet - no downloads - your only Requirement is a Browser.

    Private, secure instant messaging (chat) window, with voice and video coming soon!

    Direct your customers instantly to any place on your site - lead them to the BUY ME page!

    Scrolling Messages - for advertisements or useful information that changes regularly can be integrated.

    Out-of-office facilities.

    Ability to upgrade to KUIconnect! is very simple enabling customers to communicate directly through your website.

    Upgrade to KUItranslate! an Instant Language Translation module.

    Upgrade to KUIconference! Which includes secure Instant Meetings facility to improve your internal company communications.

  • Live Help Messenger - PHP Live Help Messenger is the new real-time, live chat, customer service software solution allowing customer support operators to chat to potential online customers browsing your web site.

    PHP Live Help Messenger is a complete live chat customer support software solution for Windows and Unix platforms.

    The Live Help Messenger .NET connected application allows your Sales and Technical support operators to provide efficient Live! real-time customer service from your web-site
  • LiveAssistance - LiveAssistance, a division of IBSI, is a leading provider of online customer service and reference solutions. Through our one-on-one text-based chat, LiveAssistance provides a cost-effective solution for organizations to serve their customer service, reference, and sales needs.
  • LiveChatNow! - Here is how Live Chat works for website operators

    After operators have launched LiveChatNow! software they see website visitors, their status and other information.

    LiveChatNow! notifies about various events like new visitor, new chat session, call distribution system request, incoming or outgoing message.

    LiveChatNow! notifies about various events like new visitor, new chat session, call distribution system request, incoming or outgoing message.

    Website visitor may initiate Live Chat Session by clicking a live chat button on a web site (live help button or live support button). Website operator may open live chat window from LiveChatNow!
  • Livehelper - Livehelper is a customer service tool for your website that enables visitors to instantly receive live help from your personnel.

    Livehelper, a privately held company, leads the industry of remotely hosted services, which partners with businesses and their web sites to support online sales, marketing and customer service.

    Livehelper offers a cost-effective tool which allows real-time interaction on a web site establishing an immediate rapport with your customer to promote your ability to offer superior customer service and support while allowing your management to monitor your sites productivity in sales and customer service personnel.

  • LivePerson - Live Person is the leading provider of hosted solutions for managing online customer interactions. Our on-demand software enables companies to identify and proactively engage the right customer, using the right communication channel, at the right time.

    LivePerson comprehensive software platform, Timpani, is a fullyintegrated multi-channel communication solution that facilitates real-time sales, customer service and marketing. Timpani delivers tools that support and manage all online customer interactions: chat, email and self-service/knowledgebase.
  • LiveSiteManager - LiveSiteManager is an application that makes it possible to add live customer support to a web site through a real-time chat interface. With its visitor monitoring and desktop control features, you will also be able to gather important information about your web site visitors and make your desktop visible to give product presentations or provide hands-on customer support.

  • NetConverse -

    • Affordable price.
    • More features (web mail, proactively greeting, FAQ composing,
      livevisitor tracking, site statistics, web site monitoring and alert,
    • Customization and fast support

  • ProvideSupport - Provide Support live chat service is the cost effective tool that helps you sell your product online and give superior customer service. With just the click of the mouse, Provide Support lets your customers contact an operator through your website for live assistance.
  • SiteChat Pro - SiteChat Pro allows you the power to turn visitors into customers. Visitors can simply click on your customized Live Help button and chat with your sales, service, support or any other department you wish for them to chat with.

  • VocalConnect - VocalConnect™ - Live Help NOW! is a revolutionary, 100% Web browser-based service that transforms your Web Site into a Live Communications Center for Customer Interaction. With VocalConnect™ your Customers can receive Real-Time, One-on-One Personal Service without having to leave your Web Site.

    VocalConnect™ allows you to respond proactively and keep customers on your Web Site.

    VocalConnect™ expands your Web-based Customer Interaction beyond simple E-mail correspondence.

    VocalConnect™ is a Hosted Application, there is no hardware or software for you to install, no expensive servers to buy, no technology staff requirements, very low upfront costs, and a quick ramp-up to implementation.
  • Vuechat CS - VueChat is a unique customer service software that enables company employees to immediately communicate with their customers, and therefore generate greater sales and and can make more and more satisfied customers.

  • WebInteractive - WebInteractive is a secure and an award winning Web-based, real-time Server Software support tool that provides a simple way for sales and support professionals to quickly manage and resolve online PC support requests. WebInteractive provides all the tools needed to manage a queue of online requests, communicate with customers online, monitor a remote PC and control a remote customer PC to resolve issues.
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