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Mobile Application Development  
This article on Mobile Application Development provides brief introduction to technologies and complexity involved in creating software for mobile devices..

9 Attributes Common in Most Successful Apps  
What are the 9 most important Attributes Common in Most Successful Apps?.

5 Ways Mobile can Impact Marketing  
We are discussing the latest trends in the mobile marketing, following these 5 ways of mobile marketing can impact the marketing success of efforts for the growth of online business..

Emerging Trends in Mobile Computing  
This article talks about the latest and Emerging Trends in Mobile Computing in the year 2015..

5 Common Reasons Your Mobile App Gets Uninstalled  
Here we will discuss on 5 common reasons your mobile app gets uninstalled. .

Mobile App Marketing Strategies  
Here we have discussed 10 app marketing strategies to make your app gain in search results and more users. .

Top 10 Smartphones under INR 20,000  
Here are the list of top 10 smartphones that can be purchased under INR 20,000..

Hybrid Mobile Application Development  
Hybrid Mobile Application Development is the process of building hybrid apps with the combination of different technologies, methods and approaches to provide them cross platform compatibility for both native and mobile web technologies..

Top 50 Mobile Applications for Healthcare Professionals  
Today the use of smart phones and handheld computing devices are steadily increasing among the doctors, medical technicians, nurses and all other healthcare professionals in all clinical environments and mobile applications specific to their professional need and improvement is a key factor behind this trend..

Malware Threats in BYOD Environment  
With the whopping increase of mobile devices BYOD policy is welcome across the industries, but using personal devices in workplace is continuing to cause various security threats including malware and leaking information. Here you will know all about malware threats in BYOD environment..

What is YotaPhone?  
Yotaphone is one of the latest mobile telephony has been designed for customer interest with most widespread technological evolutions. In Yotaphone offers an unique features dual screened smart phone as well as the E-Ink LCD display. This Yotaphone runs on android platform with advance version of android 4.0 features..

What is Femtocell  
Femtocell is definitely one of the revolutionary technologies to address cellular network issues in people's homes and small enterprises. Femtocell is a technology that perfectly addresses your concern over network coverage, clarity of voice and finally speeds..

What is "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD)?  
This article is discussing about BYOD. The BYOD stands for Bring Your Own Device. These days due to the popularity of the mobile devices companies are allowing the employees to bring their own mobile devices and use for business in company..

Mobile Device Management  
Learn about the Mobile Device Management system which is used to manage the entire range of mobile devices in an organization. Learn about the latest happening in Mobile Device Management and the lasted software available for Mobile Device Management..

Mobile Devices  
This section gives you detailed information on the Mobile Devices..


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