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What is Actionable Analytics?  
In this article we discuss about what is actionable analytics and why this actionable analytics so important now..

Porter FiveForces Analysis  
Michael E. Porter of Harvard Business School in 1979 provided five force model for industry analysis and business strategy development, which defines the competitive intensity of the market. Porter identified five forces that determines the strategic business of an organization and helps in ensuring constant and risk-adjusted growth of an organization by evaluating and analyzing these forces strategically..

Need of Management by Objectives  
Article highlights the facts regarding the need of management by objectives in the system to achieve the goals efficiently and effectively. .

4 C's of Marketing Mix  
As 4 P's of marketing mix was basically a product oriented model, Robert F. Lauter born in 1993 proposed a 4 Cs classification model that is a consumer-oriented and more focused towards niche marketing instead of mass marketing. It can be said that 4 C's concept is a consumer-oriented version of 4 P's concept. The 4 C's of marketing mix include Consumer, Cost, Communication, Convenience etc..

4 P's of Marketing Mix  
4 P's of Marketing Mix of marketing was first proposed by E. Jerome McCarthy in 1960, which defines four factors essential for evaluating the business activities and should be kept into mind while developing a marketing strategy. The four P's: Product, Price, Place and Promotion are basically a product-oriented model that helps the marketers develop a strong and effective marketing strategy to keep pace with the dynamic market..

Ansoff Matrix  
The Ansoff matrix or Ansoff Growth matrix is an effective marketing planning tool that helps a company or business built an effective product and market growth strategy. According to the Ansoff matrix, a business growth depends upon the factor that whether the business is marketing a new product or the existing product in a new or existing market..

Product Life Cycle  
Product life cycle is an important concept of marketing which shows the stages through which a product passes in its entire lifecycle. The different phases of a product life cycle including introduction to growth, maturity and decline depends upon the situation of the market and affects the marketing strategy and marketing mix accordingly. The four stages of a product life cycle.....

Product Life Cycle Diagram  
Product life cycle diagram is the graphical representation of four stages of a product life namely: Introduction, Growth, Maturity and Decline phase. Product life cycle also called PLC is a concept of marketing that tells about the various stages of a product in its entire existence period or life. The four stages in the Product life cycle diagram indicates..

The BCG Matrix  
The BCG matrix also called the Growth share matrix, B-Box, B.C.G. analysis, Boston Box, Boston Matrix, Boston Consulting Group analysis, portfolio diagram is a statistical chart developed by Bruce Henderson for the Boston Consulting Group in 1970 with an objective to help organisation analyse their strategic business units and product lines. The key assumptions of the BCG Matrix..

The GE Matrix  
The GE matrix was developed by Mckinsey in 1970s for General Electric in order to overcome the various disadvantages associated with the BCG matrix. GE Matrix has been successfully deployed as an alternative in marketing for brand marketing, product management. GE Matrix, also popular as 'Directional Policy Matrix,' helps a company decide what products the company should add in its product portfolio..

GE Matrix Diagram  
Developed by Mckinsey in the 1970s for General Electric, GE matrix diagram is used to identify the position of the strategic business units (SBU) of an organisation and take strategic decision related to the business portfolio and product management. .

Business Analysis Techniques  
There are many business analysis techniques that are quite useful in carrying out an effective and productive business analysis. Some of the important techniques for business analysis often used by business analysts. This analysis technique is usually performed for analyzing the internal factors of the organisation on the basis of four attributes of MOST..

What is Software Project Management?  
To obtain a surface view of the software development or the history of software project management is crucial for our understanding of the topic in depth. Before we get into a in detail enumeration of software project management in its professional principles to its successive development with the change of technology and business perspectives to the basic ground rules of success of software projects..

Just-In-Time Manufacturing (JIT)  
Just in time is a concept of zero wastage production in project management that was first introduced in United States by Ford motor company that lays emphasis on reducing the carrying cost of inventory in order to get maximum profit by reducing wastage. Basically, Just-In-Time Manufacturing (JIT) production system demand-pull production strategy instead of the traditional production-push production strategy..

Project Management  
Project management is a specific discipline of management associated with the planning, organizing, securing, managing, leading, and controlling the resources of a project to achieve the desired goals or objectives of the project. A project can be defined as an temporary phenomenon of an organisation which has a defined set of objectives and goals at the beginning and ends with the achievement of those goals..

Project Management Tools  
To achieve the desired goals and objectives of a project, a project manager is provided with certain tools that supports in achieving the set of goals and objectives decided at the beginning of the project. Project Management Tools can be a set of specific tools designed especially for fulfilling the need of the project activities in a more productive manner and helps the project managers utilize them efficiently in order to make the easier and productive..

Project Management Methodologies  
The basic objective behind a project management is to achieve the defined set of objectives and goals for a project in a definite time frame within the allocated budget. A project manager deploys different strategies to get the best results out of a project. For this different project management methodologies have been designed keeping in mind the requirements and need of the project. Different types of projects require different project management methodologies for implementation that helps the project managers at every stage of the project..

Project Management Process  
Project management is an integral part of an organisation since times for carrying out any organisational activity effectively and efficiently. Project management is not a single process but is a combination of several processes that complete project management process jointly. A complete project management cycle comprises of following process to complete a project management..

Extreme Project Management  
When it comes to project management, a number of methodologies, tools and techniques are used. Owing to the difficulties and shortcomings of the traditional project management, a new concept of project management has evolved called 'Extreme Project Management'. The Extreme project management is a modern approach to project management that is mostly seen in the software industry where the complexity of projects is very high and the nature of project is too dynamic..

What is a Project?  
Before understanding 'Project Management' in detail, the first thing one should know is, what is a Project? A project is an independent operation of an organisation that is distinctive in nature with the ongoing business operations and temporary in nature. Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) defines a project as a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service or result..

Need for Marketing Management Task  
Today marketing is not just a selling and buying of products and services rather it has become more competitive and challenging job. To achieve the business and marketing goals in professional and practical ways, it is need for Marketing Management Task should be formulated earlier and then to follow this efficiently and effectively to achieve them. The article highlights the basic thoughts about the Need for Marketing Management Task in Marketing activities......

Importance of Recruitment and Selection  
Recruitment and Selection are one of the significant part for any organization as it provides the right candidates on the right place which support the organization ability to acquire, retain and develop the best talents and skills for the organization.The article highlights the facts regarding the need, advantage, process and functions of Recruitment and Selection for any organisation......

Sales Management  
Sale management is an important part of marketing activities which help in achieving the company's sale objective. It is very significant part of business activities as it decides the selling of products and services of the company, which is directly related to its net profit. Story highlights the various aspects of Sales management in Marketing activities. .

Need of Performance Management  
It is an era of cutthroat competition and organizations want success at every possible cost thus the role of performance of the employee plays a crucial role, as it is the only way by which any desired goals can be achieved. Performance Management is the tools which provide the suitable way to achieve the desired goals effectively and efficiently.Story highlights the need of Performance Management for any organisation......

Software Project Management  
This section contains details and key factors of Software Project Management..

Online Business Management Degree  
In the present economic world scenario business management holds one of the supreme positions among numerous professionally focused disciplines. In that regard the viability and popularity of the online business management degrees are needed to be explained..

Online Associate Degree in Business Management  
An associate degree is a pre-bachelor level degree awarded by community colleges, junior colleges, technical colleges and universities upon completion of education that usually lasts for two years. In the recent years online degrees have gained tremendous popularity among the students aspiring for a management degree in the business discipline..

Business Management Degree Online  
In the present economic world scenario business management holds one of the supreme positions among numerous professionally focused disciplines. The viability and popularity of the online business management degrees are needed to be explained..

What is MBA Degree?  
The term MBA denotes to Master of Business Administration, which is basically a management degree in the discipline of business administration. The significance of MBA degree is tremendous in respect of both employment options and professional career growth..

Greatest 21st Century Companies Where Business Management Became Most Creative  
To choose the greatest twenty first century companies where business management became most creative is really a troublesome task in consideration to the challenges involved in choosing a few from so many companies where creativity and innovation practically changed the management principles and practices to a completely different state..

Marketing orientation: way for marketing  
Marketing is not just a activity of selling any buying of products or services, rather it is the way to satisfy the need and demand of customer. To satisfy their needs and demands, company focus on the customer based activity and marketing orientation help those in performing the process. Article helps in identifying the way which decide the way of marketing......

Greatest Management Theorists of Twenty First Century  
It is really a formidable task to select the greatest management gurus of twenty first century as the status of the management gurus in the present time has become most variable in regard to different areas of competence..

Project Management: foundation of success  
For successfully completion of any project it is essential to finish the related tasks and activities within budget limit and time deadline.If any delay in completion of any part of the project, can hamper entire project in ruin. It is project management which decides all the planning and completion of task within deadline and in the fixed budget. Story highlights the facts the need of project management for completion of any project.....

Ethics in business management  
Undoubtedly practice of ethics and morality is essential part in every span of life and it is also important in any business activities. Avoiding of ethical practices has become a genuine way of life and business activity also requires to use the ethical and moral values for the betterment of its business as it can damage its future and ruins the prospect. Article highlight the need of ethics in handling a business activities.....

Customer orientation in marketing management  
Success of any business organization depends upon its policies and strong marketing team,although the art to know its customer is the key success for the company.Customer orientation is the very process by which such companies focus on the need and demand of customer, which are essential for its survival in the tough competitive era. Article provide the description by which company can make its policies targeting its customer need and demand.....

Seven Ps of marketing mix  
In today's tough business competition, it is not simple task for companies to achieve their goals. To achieve the objectives, companies uses various marketing tactics and tools for promotion of sale. Marketing mix is one of those marketing tools, which focuses on how to identify customers need and demand and satisfy them so that the basic objective of the organization can be fulfilled.Article describes all the seven ps which plays crucial role in identifying the customer and target them.....

Leadership: A marketing tool  
Today leadership has become significant in every span of life.Not only in every span of life, it has been playing an important role in shaping the new size for different world. Business activity where success lies in the team effort, motivation and encouragement,leadership is an integral part for the survival in today tough competitive environment.Article highlights the fact that why and how leadership is important in a business activities.....

Cost Management: Need of time  
During business activities many anticipated cost could be identified earlier and checked down. For the overall profit of company marketing management team contribution is crucial but profit can be increased by reducing some wastages and extra expenses without tempering any future layout of the organisation. Thus cost management tells how to reduce the extra cost without harming the business aspects of company. Story highlights the facts about various aspects of Cost Management in business activities.....

Communication: Marketing tools  
Undoubtedly today communication is an inseparable part of modern life and the same is true for the survival of any business organization where communication is the crucial part for its successfully running. Story tells the need and many ways of communication for the successfully running of a business organisation. .

Top 5 Business Management Tools  
Our present discussion into the dynamics and perspectives of top 5 business management tools directly correspond to the evolving business challenges in the present global order of business and economy..

How Recession Affects the Business Management?  
How recession affects the business management through the overall economic as well as economic as well as industrial slowdown is a most repeated query in the post 2008 economic recession scenario. How recession affects the business management through financial Constrains? How Recession impacts the business management through slowdown in manufacturing?.

Motivation: Important Marketing tool  
Marketing is a teamwork and it is the critical aspects for any company, which decides the final output of the company, and its strategy for the future. Motivation helps in encouraging in increasing the morale of employee and productivity of the organisation.Article tells the whole aspects of motivational strategy for a marketing tools. .

Outsourcing: Need for today's business  
Today outsourcing has become a critical part for successful running of a business. It is not only helpful for the cost cutting for a company, but it also helps in expansion of the business. Article highlights the facts about the crucial role of outsourcing in the modern business activities. .

Project Human Resource Management  
Project Human Resource Management is the process of utilizing all the individuals involved in the project effectively in order to get the best result for the project. This includes all the stakeholders of the project including the sponsors, customers, individual contributors, and all others. Basically, an effective project human resource management involves three steps..

The Greatest Management Decisions that made the History  
In the history of business and professional management a great range of decisions have been taken in the last one hundred years or so that brought forward great changes in the modern quality of life and our thinking practice. There are some of the management decisions in the world history of business that practically turned the history..

The Greatest Hospitality Management Schools in India and Abroad  
The worldwide popularity of tourism contributed largely to some of the greatest hospitality management schools in India and abroad. Here we would introduce some of the greatest hospitality management schools in India and abroad. The institutes mentioned above are the invariable names in the list of greatest hospitality management schools in India and abroad..

How Technology Brought Change in Modern Management?  
In the recent years innovations in technology have brought change in the modern management principles and skill set to a massive proportion. Let us see into few categories of new range of technological innovations to understand how technology brought change in modern management..

What is Hospitality Management?  
Hospitality management is the educational discipline in management concerning the hospitality industry. Hospitality industry commonly refers to the hotels, culinary facilities, restaurants, cafes,food joints, retreats, resorts, etc. The popularity of Hospitality Management as a business management discipline is extremely popular these days..

What is Retail Management?  
Before we venture to understand of what does it mean by the term retail management let us first know what retail is. Retail is the selling process to the ultimate buyer. Retail management is the management discipline that looks after the business and administrative process in the retail business store..

What is Health Care Management?  
Health Care management is the management discipline concerning the administration and overall management of health care facilities. Health care management is focused to look after many important and crucial job responsibilities that are crucial for the sustenance and excellence of the health care services in various facilities..


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