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Leadership: A marketing tool
Posted on: May 24, 2012 at 12:00 AM
Today leadership has become significant in every span of life.Not only in every span of life, it has been playing an important role in shaping the new size for different world. Business activity where success lies in the team effort, motivation and encouragement,leadership is an integral part for the survival in today tough competitive environment.Article highlights the fact that why and how leadership is important in a business activities....

Needless to say, today leadership has been playing a crucial role in shaping the world in new size. In lack of an effective leadership no organization or country even a family can't succeed in modern time. Not only for a particular country or any other organizations, leadership has become a more important in every span of life, which plays significant role for witnessing a new change in situations. Business activity where success lies in the team effort and motivational forces are required here, leadership is an integral part for the survival in today tough competitive environment.

Leadership is a process by which a person guide and influence the thoughts, attitudes and behaviors of other people by his own charismatic personality and views. Certainly leadership is the factor which guidelines the many people for various organizations and system were people follows and motivates by the leaders. For a business organization leadership plays significant role for its all time growth by boosting up the morale of employee specially marketing team. If an organization has not a proper leadership lead, it can hamper its growth and its aspects of survival in tough competition. Leadership also affects the pace of organization and in lack of decision-making and leadership; it can lose its way. However only leadership and decision making is not enough for a proper running to a organization, it must be ensure that decision making process should be timely and correct also complete so that it results in a positive way for the organization.

In marketing and business activities, leadership quality for a manager helps in directing the employee and team for a better output. A manager has to leadership quality as he as to motivate his team. Without encouragement and inspiration any team can be lose its way and can be a victim of conflict, which directly affects the objective of the organization. A good quality of leadership helps in organization to point out the basic problems and encourage team for better output.

For successfully leading the business organization, manager should be some leadership quality as he has to directs and guide the team for better results. Leader must be efficient in making decision on time. He has to take decision as per situations and he has to knowledge of right and wrong for any circumstances. His decision does affects on the goal and objective of the organization so there must me accuracy and wise in his decision making approach.

Leader is the person to whom employee and follower follow his thoughts and advices, so he must be disciplines and of a good conduct in himself. Manager has to boosting his employee for high morale and to create trust in the employee. So he should displays high motivational power and full cooperative to the staff. Coordination among the members of the team is another condition for the success, which can be boost up and displays by the manager.

Leaders must be extensive knowledge about his profession and competence. Policies and strategy formulated by management has to be followed by employee with the encouragement by the manager, so he must be aware about the effect of the policies.

Justice and impartiality is another quality for a leader, which plays significant role for the goal of any organization. The entire employee is equal for him and so there should not be any partiality in the employees.

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