To translate a text in to a particular language is know as Localization.



To translate a text in to a particular language is know as Localization. It is a process by which we can change a text to a different language and also we can add some locale-specific components. Swing supports localization in the way that when we localize an application to a particular language and run it in that specific locale then Swing pulls up the localized strings from the resource bundle. After this, the component gets resized by the layout manager. The previous example demonstrates how to localize an application.

Undo Framework API

To perform undo and redo, the developers can use Swing's undo framework. There are number of actions related to undo and redo which are supported by Swing. Moreover, it can easily be used with any other application such as if you want to undo the add and remove elements from a table, you can easily do that. 

Flexible Deployment Support

Swing also supports the Flexible Deployment of the program. For instance, you can create an applet to run your program within a browser window using Java Plug-in. Several browsers are supported by it like Firefox, Internet Explorer etc. Moreover, a program can also be launched from a browser itself with Java Web Start and can also be run outside of browser as a standard desktop application.

Integrating with the Desktop

Now the Java applications can be integrated seamlessly with the desktop. This has become possible with the introduction of the Desktop API in version 6 of the Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE). There are three types of integration which are supported. These are:

  • The host system's default email client can be launched.
  • Various functionality of applications like edit, print, open can be launched.
  • The host system's default browser can be launched with a specific Uniform Resource Identifier (URI).


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