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How to write properties file in java  
In this example we will discuss how to write property file in java. In this example We have write data to properties file. The properties file has fundamentally used to store the data configuration data or settings. We have store data key value pair. Java has provide java.util.Properties class and Properties class to store data into .properties file..

How to read properties file in java  
We are going to describe how to read properties file in java. .

Why and how to use Integer.parseInt() in java  
Integer.parseInt() method is used to convert an string value into integer. JVM reads each element as String and hence we have to convert an entered String value into respective data type.

What is HashSet in java  
In following example we will discuss about HashSet in Java. The HashSet class implements the set interface. We have stored data of collection used for HashSet method.hashSet stored only object HashSet class in java.util package. The HashSet does not accept duplicate value..

Static variable in java  
Static is a keyword in java used to create static methods, variable inside a class and static class.Static variable is also called class variable which belongs to class not to object.Static variable is declared inside a class but outside the method or Constructor..

Java final keyword  
The final is a very important keyword in java, which is used to restrict user. A programmer must not declare a variable or class with the name "Final" in a Java program. We can have final methods, final classes, final data members, final local variables and final parameters. .

Arraylist in java  
ArrayList is a class that extends AbstractList and implements List Interface. Standard java array are of fixed length, that mean we should know the size of array how many element it will hold, they cannot grow or shrink. but for indefinite number of elements.

Java Substring  
A part of String is called substring. Substrings are also a String. Substring is used to create small strings. Sometimes a programmer needs only a part of String so, how they can find the substring..

What is Public static void main  
In most of the Programming language, main function is the first function where program start execution. This is the first method from where Java Virtual Machine(JVM) start executing. Following are the variation of main method..

Java Interface  
In this section we will discuss about the interface in Java. .

Java Abstract Class Example  
Abstract class in Java is a class which is created for abstracting the behaviour of classes from the outside environment. Abstract class can be created using 'abstract' keyword. An abstract class may contain abstract as well as non-abstract methods. .

Java Word Occurrence Example  
This example explains you that how you can count the occurrences of each word in a file. In this example we will use the HashMap for putting and getting the values. This program takes the file name from command line which returns the number of occurrences of each word separated by a single white space. In this example I have used the java.io and java.util packages. .

Java Method Return Multiple Values  
This example explains you how a multiple values can be return by a method. This example explains you all the steps required in to return multiple values in Java. In this example you will see how we can return multiple values using the return statement..

Java Find Next Date Example  
This example explains you about how to display the next date of input date. This tutorial explains you all the steps involved in developing this application. To develop this application we will use the Eclipse IDE and JDK 1.6..

Java Math.pow() Example  
This example explains you about the pow() method in Java. This tutorial explains you about the Math.pow() method using a simple example. In this example you can see that how can we find the power of a number in Java. Power means the exponent of a number i.e. n^p (n raised to the power of p) for example if the expression has written like 2^3 then it should be calculated as 2*2*2..

Java Square Root And Cube Root Example  
This example explains you about finding the square root and cube root of a number. This tutorial explains about all the steps of how to find the square root and cube root. In this example we will use JDK 1.6 and the Eclipse IDE for writing, compiling and executing the code. .

Java Program Floyd's Triangle  
In this section you will read about how to write a Java program to print Floyd's triangle. .

How To Retrieve Image From From MySQL Using Java  
In this section we will discuss about how to retrieve image from the MySQL using Java. .

How To Store Image Into MySQL Using Java  
In this section we will discuss about how to store an image into the database using Java and MySQL. .

Core Java Hello World Example  
This tutorial explains you how to create a simple core Java "Hello World" application. The Hello World application will print the text "Hello World" at the console. This example explains you about all the steps in creating Hello World application. .

Java LinkedList Example  
In this section we will discuss about the own implementation of Linked List in Java. .

How To Remove Array Element In Java  
In this section we will discuss about how to remove a given array element. .

Java array copy example  
In this section we will discuss about the arrayCopy() in Java. .

First Java Program Example  
In this section we will discuss about the first java program example. .


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