Maximize Your iPhone 3G Experience


The iPhone is a superb gadget with many handy functionalities. But not many of us know that there are also many tips and tricks that can be used to enhance your iPhone experience. This not only saves time but also enhances your productivity by allowing you to do more in less time. How is this possible? We explain all this and more in our handy guide that is meant to maximize your iPhone 3G experience to the zenith.

One of the most handy tip for getting the most out of your iPhone is the use of the versatile dotcom key. While it is really simple and elementary to put a .com in the address bar it is relatively less known that when you keep the key pressed for a few moments a host of various options like .net, .org, .edu appear that are ready to be selected by you. A perfect time saving method for the busy surfer.

Another handy iPhone tip is the use of the shift key. We all know the vital functions of the shift key but here are some neat tips and tricks guaranteed to get the best out of your iPhone 3G. If you want to insert any character or letter not seen on the virtual iPhone keyboard just hold the shift key and scroll to the letter or character you want to enter. Also if you need to want to insert a capital letter without turning on Caps lock key then just tap the shift key twice and the caps lock is turned on.

If you want to prolong your phone's battery life you just have to follow these simple guidelines. Since the 3G functionality is battery hungry and is also not needed all the time, especially for normal web surfing without fast downloads you can switch off the 3G and instead use the slower and less battery hungry EDGE (2G). Also if you are not in any Wi-Fi hotspots then just switch off the Wi-Fi and also the Bluetooth when not in use. These seemingly small and simple steps go a long way in maximizing your battery life and thus your iPhone experience.

The iPhone keyboard is pretty convenient to use and smart. But did you know that the keyboard size can be increased when you flip the iPhone in the horizontal direction. Just tap on the address bar in the Safari web browser and voila! The keyboard instantly resizes itself and appears in a larger form that is more handy.

Another easy way to getting the most out of your iPhone 3G is through harnessing the iPhone's multi-lingual support. If you need German or French words just hold the letter key for some time and a list of accented letters in different languages appear onscreen.