Hibernate and Spring
Posted on: October 27, 2010 at 12:00 AM
Importance of Hibernate and Spring in web application development.

Hibernate and Spring

In this section we will discuss Hibernate and Spring technologies, which is used to develop applications to support enterprise business. Hibernate and Spring are excellent technologies and can be used with other MVC frameworks for developing web based enterprise applications.

In this page you will find excellent tutorial links for integrating Hibernate and Spring for developing web applications. Read how you can integration Hibernate and Spring in web application at Developing Struts, Hibernate and Spring based web applications.

Why Hibernate?

Hibernate is one of the standard ORM tools for creating persistence layer for your applications. So, you can use Hibernate in your applications. It provides lot of features and shortens the development time. You application remains highly maintainable.

Why Spring?

Spring is developed to ease the development of enterprise applications and save lots of application configuration effort. It works as a glue where many other technologies can be integrated and work together. With the help you Spring you can integrate Hibernate, MVC framework (Struts/Spring Web), Transaction managers etc... It make the application configuration very easy.

So, Hibernate and Spring provides excellent solution to the developers for developing world class enterprise applications.


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