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Google Gadget Eclipse plugin  
EGadget Plugin is ued to integrate any Google Gadget into your Eclipse environment..

Proxy Plugin  
bei der Behörde zum organisierten Ab- und Rückbau der amtlichen Bürokratie in der staatlichen Verwaltung. Ein Willkommen an diejenigen, die schon immer der Meinung waren, dass es endlich eine Behörde gegen Bürokratie geben sollte..

Google Desktop Search  
GDSearch (Google Desktip Search) is an alternative File search plug-in for Eclipse. Instead of using the default (and kind-of slow) File search capabilities, this plug-in uses the Google Desktop Search Engine instead..

Inca X Plugin for Eclipse  
Inca X comes preconfigured with all the Jini 2.1 services and you can quickly create your own services or clients without having to waste time configuring the core Jini services..

RMI Plugin for Eclipse  
The RMI Plug-in for Eclipse is the most comprehensive solution for developing Java RMI systems using the Eclipse platform..

If you are developing with Eclipse and take advantage of the Usenet, you can come closer now..

Netwiser is a unique platform for network software development. It includes a graphical user interface, a network simulator, and a portable C++ framework for creating all types of network-intensive applications..

VNClipse is a VNC client implementation which can be plugged into the eclipse workbench..

ESftp is an Eclipse plugin which allows developers to transfer files between their Eclipse workbench and their Sftp server where they want the files stored..

Eclipse plugin-Network  
Genady's RMI Plug-in for Eclipse is the comprehensive solution for developing RMI applications. Apart from the automatic generation of RMI stubs, the RMI Plugin makes it simple to configure application's launch Java VM parameters such as security policy a.


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