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AspectJ Development Tools  
Some aspects of system implementation, such as logging, error handling, standards enforcement and feature variations are notoriously difficult to implement in a modular way. The result is that code is tangled across a system and leads to quality, producti.

EasyEclipse for PHP  
EasyEclipse for PHP contains the tools needed to start developing PHP code: the PHPEclipse IDE, some database tools, as well as Subclipse providing connectivity to Subversion..

Haskell development support  
We extend the Eclipse IDE to support development in functional programming languages..

AonixADT Ada Development Toolkit  
Eclipse offers a common platform for which many companies have developed plug-ins. Aonix has extended the wealth of interoperable technologies and tool flexibility available to Ada developers by ensuring that AonixADT (Ada Development Tools) is available.

CodeSkin for TI C2000 DSP  
The Eclipse plug-in provides an error parser for the C2000 compiler as well as serial flash programmer (equivalent to C2oooProg)..

Lasso Studio for Eclipse  
Lasso Professional Alliance Join the Lasso Professional Alliance (LPA) to find out about the future of Lasso, interact with other members and LassoSoft engineers, get a great deal on Lasso licenses and product discounts, participate in technology preview.

CAL Eclipse Plug-in  
The Quark Framework was conceived as a suite of technologies to allow the representation of certain kinds of business logic as reusable, composable pieces. One of the primary requirements was that a general runtime for such objects be embeddable within t.

TinyOS Plugin for Eclipse  
Application programming for the Tinyos-Environment can be a cumbersome task, especially if you're coming from the java-world and thus are used to an integrated development environment that ships with a special editor, help, debugging facilities and enhanc.

Eclipse Perl Integration  
EPIC is an open source Perl IDE based on the Eclipse platform. Features supported are syntax highlighting, on-the-fly syntax check, content assist, perldoc support, source formatter, templating support and a Perl debugger..

Scala Plugin  
The Scala Plugin extends the Eclipse platform with a new Scala perspective providing wizards to generate Scala code, syntax highlighting and integration of the Scala tools (currently compiler only)..

C++ Compiler for Linux  
Intel® C++ Compiler Professional Edition offers the best support for creating multi-threaded applications..

Dynamic Languages Toolkit (DLTK) is a tool for vendors, researchers, and end-users who rely on dynamic languages..

JavaScript Reporter(tm) JavaScript Tool  
JavaScript Reporter quickly locates and reports problems in JavaScript code. It detects and reports errors that could only be discovered otherwise by running many separate web browser runtime edit-test cycles..

ORB Studio 7 (CORBA Plugin)  
ORB Studio 7 is a plug-in for Eclipse which allows you to quickly develop CORBA clients and servers directly from your Eclipse development environment..

EasyEclipse for C and C++  
EasyEclipse for C and C++ is all you need to start developing C and C++ code with Eclipse..

EasyEclipse for Python  
There are currently 10 comments for this distribution. You can review them and add more here..

NRG JavaScript Editor  
JSEclipse is one of the best and most popular Javascript plugin for the Eclipse environment..

Visual DataFlex for Eclipse  
The VDF Tools product brings Visual DataFlex support to the Eclipse platform. You can now enjoy developing VDF code in a world class IDE..

TOM Eclipse Plugin  
The way to use a Pattern Matching Programming Language into Eclipse * The plugin offers automatic compilation * Tom and Java errors are reported * Operator profile available when double-clicking .

SCORE Embedded Ada  
SCORE (Safety Critical, Object-oriented, Real-time, Embedded) supports a variety of target processors and languages, individually or integrated..

m.y. JavaScript Editor  
myJSEditor is a plug-in to for JavaScript editing. There are several JavaScript editors out there for Eclipse. The main usage for the MyJSEditor is its ability to embed it into other products and projects easily. It is built purposely to easily add your o.

Amzi! Prolog + Logic Server  
Amzi! specializes in software, services and support for efficiently developing, maintaining and deploying knowledge that is best expressed as logical relationships..

EasyEclipse for Ruby and Rails  
There are currently 9 comments for this distribution. You can review them and add more here..

ProvideX Plugin for Eclipse  
This plug-in is designed for the development of ProvideX applications within the Eclipse framework and is available for use with any ProvideX Version 7.x activation at no additional charge..

JavaScript Editor  
JSEditor is a plug-in for the Eclipse IDE that provides basic JavaScript editing functions such as syntax hi-lighting and content outlining..

Pedeto is a plugin for Eclipse that provides a fully featured IDE for Perl..

JSEclipse - JavaScript Editor  
JSEclipse is one of the best and most popular Javascript plugin for the Eclipse environment. Its benefits are visible from the simplest tasks like editing small sections of code for your site to the more complex ones like working with the next big AJAX li.

The XulBooster project is working towards providing a XUL Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Plug-in for the Eclipse platform ..

GNATbench for Wind River Workbench brings the advantages of AdaCore?s GNAT Pro toolset to Wind River?s Workbench integrated development environment for embedded systems running VxWorks..

LDT- leJOS Development Toolset  
This eclipse plug-in allows you to develop java code for the LEGO RCX brick using the leJOS JVM (please see http://www.lejos.org)..

JS-Sorcerer: JavaScript Development Tool  
JavaScript Reporter finds problems in JavaScript files in a single step, letting you spend more time improving your website or Ajax application, and less time testing and debugging it..

Eclipse Plugin-Language  
Speed up applications and protect your development tools investment with Intel® C++ Compiler 8.1 for Linux*. Advanced optimization features deliver outstanding performance for applications running on the latest Intel® processors. The product includes sour.


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