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Server-Side Swing Designer ULC Visual Editor  
Build Rich Internet Applications visually using the ULC Visual Editor for Eclipse. Use this drag-and-drop GUI designer for UltraLightClient to develop rich client user interfaces for J2EE applications within the Eclipse development environment..

Tikal Update Manager is a YUM-like graphical user interface, which wraps Eclipse and Callisto-format update sites, adding intuitive discover/install/update/remove functionality for Eclipse plugins & features and other bundled packages..

airTODO is a minimalist project management tool, intended for customer, project, module, operation, task and time management, which can work with local and/or remote repositories..

TagSEA is a framework for tagging locations of interest within Eclipse. TagSEA combines ideas from social bookmarking (tagging) and geographic navigation (waypointing) aiming to make finding information easier..

UI Inspector  
UI Inspector for Eclipse was created to address these difficulties. It is a plugin that contains a single view that allows you to see the properties of the selected objects and their context. .

LangTags GCSP  
LangTags GCSP is a Eclipse RCP Tool for Google CodeSearch..

Dynamic slicing is a technique for program debugging and understanding. Given a program P, the programmer provides a slicing criterion of the form (I, L, V), where I is a program input, L is a set of some statement instances during execution of program P with input I, and V is a set of variables referenced by L..

Wicked Shell  
Wicked Shellis an Eclipse plugin providing direct access to your system's shell. To be honest, Wicked Shell is not evil at all, although it calls itself wicked....

EclipseShell allows you to use.

BIS Antidecompiler  
The BIS Antidecompiler Plug-in for Eclipse runs with Eclipse 3.1 (with SWT extensions) and with IBM WebSphere Application Developer 5.1 or IBM Rational Software Development Platform 6.0 (both with the Sun Java? only)..

Legacy Composer  
Legacy Composer is the first legacy application integration solution built entirely on the open source Java development environment Eclipse SDK with a singular design goal to simplify the integration of complex legacy applications across the enterprise..

If you use the Eclipse IDE you probably have accumulated a number of desktop icons for running various copies of Eclipse using different command line parameters..

Eclipse JarRetriever  
Eclipse JarRetriever is a plug-in for Eclipse that allows developers to easily search for and download jar files from Maven repositories. .

yWorks Ant Explorer  
yWorks Ant Explorer is a tool to visualize Ant build scripts. It clearly and concisely presents both the targets and their dependencies as well as the used properties..

ConcernMapper is a Plug-in for Eclipse that allows you to organize fields and methods into arbitrary modules called concerns..

Multi Clipboard  
Multi Clipboard gives you a clipboard for text- and source-code editor contents that holds multiple entries. You can collect some snippets by adding them to the Multi Clipboard and then paste any of them to where you need them..

JInto is a plugin for Eclipse that lets the developer easily edit and maintain resource bundles (files that hold the localized strings for an application).

BluEclipse is an Eclipse plug-in reproducing most of the basic functions of the popular Java tool/editor BlueJ..

Numerical Gecko plugin  
Numerical Gecko is an Eclipse Plugin based on the popular Java tool Numerical Chameleon. .

The CodeRelief Eclipse plugin generates the code for the equals(), hashCode() & toString() methods. .

Search Preferences Page Plugin  
Plugin for searching within the Eclipse workbench. Provides an extension-point for search pages and comes with three search pages for searching.

COMPORSYS Code Generation  
COMPORSYS is expert in Software, we increase the competetive ability and ensure the sustained success of our customers by conception, implementation and maintenance of IT Solutions..

Simteec is a small Eclipse plugin for easy code generation. It it based upon the velocity template engine..

Turnhout1 is a eclipse plugin to search google.

Universal Label Decorations  
Eclipse plugin containing a configurable decorator for icons and labels. Can be adjusted to decorate labels depending on substring matching .

This was my very first Eclipse plugin. It's a useful little plugin that adds submenu to the popup context menu of the Java Editor, "Add Logging"..

Jagzilla is simply the Java version of bugzilla. The idea of this project is:.

Maven 2.x Extension for Eclipse  
Maven Integration for Eclipse provides tight integration for Maven into the IDE and providing the following features .

Spket IDE  
The powerful editor for JavaScript, XUL/XBL and Yahoo! Widget development. The JavaScript editor provides features like code completion, syntax highlighting and content outline that helps developers productively create efficient JavaScript code..

RMBench Relational Modeller  
This page discusses - RMBench Relational Modeller.

OR Edge Mapping Designer  
This page discusses - OR Edge Mapping Designer.

DB Visual Architect for Eclipse  
This page discusses - DB Visual Architect for Eclipse.

DB Schema Viewer  
This page discusses - DB Schema Viewer.

Database Modeling in Eclipse  
This page discusses - Database Modeling in Eclipse.

This page discusses - CROSSFIRE O/R.

This page discusses - P4WSAD.


Discovery Machine Gear  
The Discovery Machine Modeler allows experts to easily and seamlessly encode their knowledge and processes into immediately usable, executable graphical software that can then be shared, modified, and leveraged..

Java Package Formatter  
When you want to format multiple Java source in Eclipse the only way is to open each and every file, right click in the editor window, select the "Format" option, and save the formatted file..

Voxa's TotalAccess is full-featured, fully supported, and, unlike other similar products on the market, Voxa's TotalAccess is totally free..

ECalc is a calculator plug-in for Eclipse that provides the ability to evaluate mathematical expressions. Note the low version number. At this stage the software should be considered a prototype, although it does work pretty well..

SmartInspect is an advanced .NET logging, Java logging and Delphi logging tool for debugging and monitoring your projects and applications..

Flexess Security Modeler  
The goal of the Flexess project is to provide an extensible security framework for Java applications. The name Flexess comes from: FLEXible accESS..

Eclipse Plunging Source Code Analyzer  
EclipsePro Audit integrates seamlessly into your Eclipse environment. It extends and enhances the base functionality of Eclipse, resulting in greater capability..

RSS View  
RSS View is a news reader for RSS and Atom feeds designed to integrate into the Eclipse workspace..

WOJ is a set of services providing access to projects documentations & sample source source code without any settings to your IDE. WOJ's power comes from its integration into IDEs and its ease of use..

Prebop Preprocessor  
Prebop is not your father's preprocessor. In fact, you may not even think it's a preprocessor! Call it a "version configurer"..

Evolvica is a Java Framework for evolutionary algorithms. It is the successor of eaLib, which has been developed at the Department of Electronic Circuits & Systems of the Technical University of Ilmenau, Germany from 2000 to 2002.

Method wizard  
This extension for Eclipse and IBM WebSphere Studio contains a wizard to create new methods in a class through a guided dialog..

Why tiny HTML Tools?  
The Plug-In, as the name suggests, offers some tiny tools for working with HTML. .


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