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Developer's Jukebox  
This Eclipse 3.3 plug-in let's you import mp3 files (can stay anywhere on disk) and play them. The tag information is stored in an XML file..

Code rally  
CodeRally is a Java?-based, real-time programming game based on the Eclipse platform..

Vayala is a multipurpose chat client for developers. It offers a platform and an easy to use Eclipse plugin. Based on multicast technology, each client is automatically connected to one network of chat client without a central server or much configuration.

Gnutface is a gnutella client in the form of an eclipse plugin. See eclipse.org for information on the eclipse platform..

Eclipse Games  
Eclipse is a kind of universal tool platform - an open extensible IDE for anything and nothing in particular..

Several games plugins for Eclipse IDE including minesweeper, snake and sokoban..


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