1. eDump 
    Screenshot utility that integrates with the Eclipse workbench. Print screenshots or save them to GIF, BMP, PNG, JPeG, or TIFF. Supports cropping, scaling, and annotation.
  2. eclox
    Eclox is a simple doxygen frontend plug-in for eclipse. It aims to provide a slim and sleek integration of the code documentation process into eclipse.
  3. SubText plugin 
    SubText discovers and shows documentation dynamically using a language similar to AspectJ's pointcuts, enabling designers and developers to present relevant documentation where its actively needed during development.
  4. JDemo  
    JDemo is the Java demonstration framework. Its concept is similar to the one of JUnit. As supplement to test driven software development, JDemo provides a new approach of demo driven development: When developing software you write short code snippets (demo cases) that use your new API.
  5. TeXlipse - v1.1.0:
    TeXlipse plugin adds LaTeX editing support to Eclipse. The plugin provides both Latex and Bibtex editors, project creation wizard and a complete user manual of the plugin features.
  6. Fx2Doc - v1.0:  
    Fx2Doc allows you quickly build and organize the documentation for your Flex project.
  7. nqDoc
    The nqDoc Editor is a Multilingual Eclipse-based Documentation Editor. Setup your document following the WYSIWYM (What You See Is What You Mean) concept and export it to multiple formats.
  8. APT Editor 
    An Eclipse plugin for the APT (Almost Plain Text) format. Accelerates documentation by generating a formatted version of a (almost) plain text file.