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dear sir,

i am student presently doing one academic project,but i came across with a problem which is as..

1)my project contains coding in java swing,servlets and wml scripts where i wana to access it through mobile...did i need to have separte wml file also..

2)for this i need a wap tool e.g up.sdk4.0 or nokia wap kit..

3)i do not know how it will execute with wapkit and please provide me necessary s/w and instructions how and where i should kept(location of project files)in the wap kit i.e tell me the procedure for this application and myproject to run so,i can get output..

4)As i wana to test on my personal PC ,should i suse Apache tomcat for it also..

hope you undersstood my problem and would reply very soon back.please do the needful
Thanks And Regards
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