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Colocation Hosting

This article introduces you with the Colocation Hosting, it gives you information like What is Colocation Hosrting? and other details about Colocation Hosting.


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Colocation Hosting

Colocation Hosting Guide:

This article introduces you with the Colocation Hosting, it gives you information like What is Colocation Hosrting? and other details about Colocation Hosting.

What is Colocation Hosting?
The Colocation Hosting means the hosting the own server in the premises of the Data center. In this case clients places their server in the Data center. The data center provides a space for placing the server, a high-speed connection to the Internet, controlled air temperature, high security, high-redundancy, managed server solutions and more. The Colocation hosting is also called colocation, co-location or co location hosting. 

Benefits of Colocation Servers:
Colocation server provides a lot of benefits to the customers. In case of Colocation Hosting you have the full access to the server. You can install and configure the server yourself and then place it in the data centers. With your own server you will get full server performance rather than a small portion of a shared server, you will gain a measurable amount of speed, performance, and reliability. Colocation hosting providers are responsible for providing the security of your server, backup power generators and monitoring of the system 24x7 online. 

Here is the summarize list of benefits you will receive on choosing Colocation Web Hosting:

  • Flexibility: Colocation hosting is the most flexible plan, as it allows you to choose your own server and then install software on your requirement.
  • Better performance: In case Colocation hosting you can choose your own hardware, so definitely you will choose better hardware for hosting.
  • Remote Administration: As you have installed the software yourself, you can understand your server better and can administer it remotely.

Understanding the Rack Space
Your Colocation hosting price depends on the Rack Space you choose. 

The computer and networking hardware are well standardized. These hardware are standardized on a 19" rack design. This is essentially a form of cabinet or stand that has the horizontal mounting hardware spaced 19" apart. This standardization is used by all hardware manufacturers to design their equipment to be easily installed inside of the racks.

The Colocation hosting providers charges the client on the amount of "Rack Space" your servers take up in their cabinets. The more "Rack Space" you use, the more it'll cost you. In fact you are leasing the "Rack Space" from your Colocation Hosting service provider on the monthly basis.

The "Rack Unit" is introduced to determine the how much "Rack Space" is utilized.

1 Rack Unit (1U) = 1.75" (1.75 inches high from top to bottom).

Here is the measurement details rack units:

   1U = 1.75"
   2U = 3.5"
   3U = 5.25"
   4U = 7"

Colocation Hosting Service Providers:

Macquarie Telecom is a managed dedicated hosting provider with the resources to ensure world-class security for your business. We offer a range of dedicated server hosting solutions to suit your requirements, including customised, secure, scalable and reliable services ? all backed by Service Level Guarantees.

eApps - Dedicated Servers
Our dedicated web hosting offering is geared to organizations that want server performance, network performance, network availability, technical support, at a reasonable and predictable price. We cater to organizations that want the assurance that their hosting provider is an expert in the managed server environment. The following are some of the key benefits of our managed dedicated service.

Global Level 3 Colocation Hosting
Perfect Colocation and Managed Services for small to Enterprise businesses! Are you in need of 1U or up to a 1/2 or full rack, cages, suites and bandwidth ranging from a few gigs of transfer up to OC 192 and a Global upgradeable fiber network ? also including Colocation and Managed Services and Hosting.

Server Colocation Hosting Services
Server Colocation Hosting Services by All of our scalable space options are custom-built to's high specifications for strength, security, and convenience. Choose from a range of cabinet configurations, complete with dedicated power and locking doors.


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Colocation Hosting

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