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SSL Certificates

Secure Sockets Layer or SSL for short is a protocol. It was developed by Netscape for transmitting private documents over internet. SSL uses a cryptographic system which uses two keys to encrypt and decrypt the data.


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SSL Certificates

Secure Sockets Layer or SSL for short is a protocol. It was developed by Netscape for transmitting private documents over internet. SSL uses a cryptographic system which uses two keys to encrypt and decrypt the data. URLs requiring the SSL connection starts with https: instead of http:.

The SSL protocol uses a third party, a Certificate Authority (CA), to identify one end or both end of the transactions. It works in following manner:

  1. The web browser requests a secure page (usually https://).

  2. On receiving the request the web server sends its public key with its certificate.

  3. The browser checks that the certificate was issued by a trusted party (usually a trusted root CA), that the certificate is still valid and that the certificate is related to the site contacted.

  4. The browser then uses the public key, to encrypt a random symmetric encryption key and sends it to the server with the encrypted URL required as well as other encrypted http data.

  5. The web server decrypts the symmetric encryption key using its private key and uses the symmetric key to decrypt the URL and http data.

  6. The web server sends back the requested html document and http data encrypted with the symmetric key.

  7. The browser decrypts the http data and html document using the symmetric key and displays the information.

You can get the SSL Certificate from following authority:

  • Instant SSL
    SSL Certificate Buy Free Secure SSL Server Certificate And IIS SSL Apache SSL Certificates using Digital Certificate Standards from SSL Certificate Authority.
  • Digital SSL Certificates
    Digital Certificate 128 Bit (Single Certs - Secure Seal Included Free) Secure web servers and e-commerce websites with Strong 128-Bit Digital Certificate SSL Encryption for only a Fraction of the Cost of brands like Verisign, or Thawte. Site Seal & Web PKI Management included Free!
  • thawte
    The thawte ssl digital certificates, thawte is a global certificate authority providing digital certificate products and 128-bit encryption SSL. thawte is one of the most established Certification Authorities worldwide, trusted since 1995. We strive to offer our customers only the very best product solutions, world-class service and multi-lingual free global support.
  • GeoTrust
    Enterprise SSL from GeoTrust is a fully-managed service designed to address the diverse and immediate security needs of today?s global e-business environments. From Fortune 500 companies to smaller businesses, government agencies and educational organizations, Enterprise SSL allows secure and quick deployment of globally trusted SSL certificates throughout your enterprise, while eliminating the burden and expense of maintaining an in-house Certificate Authority (CA). 
  • GeoTrust
    GeoTrust SSL Certificates at Wholesale Prices : GeoCerts.
  • VeriSign
    VeriSign, Inc. operates intelligent infrastructure services that enable businesses and individuals to find, connect, secure, and  complex, global networks.
  • RapidSSL
    RapidSSL® Stable, 128/256 bit single root install SSL certificates ideal for lite ecommerce. Automated 2 step validation gives you your certificate immediately without the need to fax in paperwork. The lowest cost single root certificate available!



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SSL Certificates

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