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Top 10 Web Developer Tools

To choose some of the most effective web developer tools. Here are our picks as the Top 10 Web Developer Tools. There are tools that may seem to suit the newbie better but can equally be great for biggies and there are tools that are specific to typical web needs like images, file transfer, site analysis, content editor, web design, etc.

Web development, especially after the recent Google Penguin Update, has come to face an array of new challenges and demanding frontiers that have never been as serious as they are now and so it is really a harder task now to choose some of the most effective web developer tools. There are tools that may seem to suit the newbie better but can equally be great for biggies and there are tools that are specific to typical web needs like images, file transfer, site analysis, content editor, web design, etc. While some categories of web tools are irreplaceable and basic to web development some are more specific to special requirements. Here are our picks as the Top 10 Web Developer Tools.

  1. Chrome Developer Tools
  2. Increasingly Firefox is losing popularity to Chrome Developer Tools as the most developer friendly browser tool and it is would not be overstatement if we say that today's developers continue to love Chrome as their favorite browser just as they prefer the Chrome developer tools. It is a very easy to use web developer tool that you can handle with a few strokes for almost anything, from editing HTML to remote debugging and many more. The tools also offer an experimental API to extend the developer much further as per your wish.

  3. Droplr
  4. We cannot conclude our list of top 10 web developer tools without this fantastic tool that offers the developers great ease of sharing a great deal between his team members. Through the easy and intuitive interface of the tool you can share images, documents and text conveniently at fast pace. Droplr works fluidly on any platform without any trouble and that is one factor that made it popular even among developers working on their iPhone.

  5. jQuery
  6. You cannot think of listing the web developer tools without a mention of this smart tool. This tremendously popular JavaScript library is now leading among the web developer tools, especially among the java based application and web developers. The tool recently came up with their dedicated mobile device friendly tool, jQuery Mobile 1.0 which is equipped to work on any mobile device.

  7. XAMPP
  8. Without a live testing environment no web developer can consider his toolkit to be complete and especially when the question arises in regard to supporting multiple formats and programming languages, XAMPP has few alternatives. This open source tool with configurable web server contains Apache, MySQL, PHP, OpenSSL, FileZillaFTP Server and a lot more.

  9. Dreamsweaver CS6
  10. Developers looking for an updated all-rounder with Adobe web design capability, it is a perfect tool. Its fluid layouts and CSS3 support along with solid PhoneGap support made it an impeccable choice for the designers and developers.

  11. Bootstrap
  12. This hugely popular web development tool ever since its release remained one of the most popular. The tool provides a CSS that developers frequently need for websites and web applications. This tool is equipped with range of design and prototyping tools that make it so popular among the developers.

  13. Google Analytics
  14. For a webmaster or for a web developer across different domains Google Analytics still is the most popular analytical tool. More than trendy design and sophistication attributes for a web developer it is now more important to measure the performance of the site and address those areas that are pulling the sites down and in doing that hardly there is any alternative imaginable compared to Google Analytics.

  15. Bugherd
  16. The developers work contrary to so called popular perception really becomes more important once the site is given its initial shape and the feedback continues to come indicating the loose areas that need to be straightened out. Bugherd is one of the quite impressive web developer tools to handle feedback, fixing bugs without running the burden of overhead emails.

  17. Popcorn.js
  18. It is another top notch java developer tool that let you create time dependant rich web content presentation. To create and present HTML 5 audio and video to make use of audio and video files and all sorts of web elements, this tool is a fun to work with.

  19. AndFTP

This is rather a basic tool for uploading your content to the server, but nevertheless is a very important one. This comprehensive uploading tool let you not only use the FTP protocol, but also upload your content via other important developer friendly protocols like SFTP, SCP and FTPS. The tool allows the developer to set up different servers. This FTP tool let you see your web page both on your device screen and the remote server.

Honorable mention Microsoft Access

No web developer would deny the priority of database tool over all other web development tools and it is really a hard task to pick up the most formidable one among the array of choices. MySQL still dominates as the most user friendly database that can run on any platform including Linux and Mac. The graphical user interface (GUI) provided by Microsoft to design and work with database tables is really a helpful tool for the new developers. The help documentation of the tool is also far better than any other so called online help through tutorials, guides, etc.


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Posted on: August 12, 2013

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