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VoIP Blogs

The guys at TMC have been awesome in their support and I know they will continue to dominate the VoIP blogosphere and IP Communications space in general.

VoIP Blogs


  1. VoIP Blog and Podcast
    The guys at TMC have been awesome in their support and I know they will continue to dominate the VoIP blogosphere and IP Communications space in general. Aswath then Andy via Alec have uncovered what looks to be the first final word from AOL on their TotalTalk service. Aswath mentioned that he thinks it might be an html hi-jack but I doubt it. Of course, this all pure speculation considering AOL has not announced anything regarding the closure of TotalTalk.
  2. VoIP Blogs
    VoIP blogs are becoming increasingly popular, according to Jeff Pulver who has founded the Voice over Net (VON) conference. In fact, bloggers have their own hierarchy and the good ones are as knowledgeable as industry experts. Companies too have realized the usefulness of blogs in influencing opinions and are evolving definite strategies to make the best use of blogs. Top-tier bloggers are now treated like something akin to industry analysts, said Andy Abramson, editor of VoIPWatch and moderator of the session. That attention will only intensify in the wake of eBay's multi-billion-dollar acquisition offer for Skype and a slew of other VoIP-related M&As in recent months.
  3. VoIP Authority Blog
    Skype yesterday introduced a new pricing structure whereby they are rolling out new domestic calling plans for two dozen countries, where users will pay a monthly subscription fee as well as a connection fee but will not be held accountable for any per-minute charges. The so-called Skype Pro plans will be priced at approximately $6.50US. The per-call SkypeOut connection fee for these calls within a given country to a regular phone or mobile device will come in around 5 cents per connection. 
  4. VoIP and Broadband blog
    This is something I posted at and just wanted to copy here, because it took me waaaay too long to figure this out . Recently no less than three services have popped up that allow "free" calls to various international points. There are all based in the U.S. state of Iowa, and the way they work is that you call a regular number in Iowa, wait for a prompt, then dial the number you want to call. But for now, if you have "free" calling within the USA, and can place calls to these Iowa numbers, you can then get connected through to numbers in other countries, including Mexico at no additional charge.
  5. VoIP Provider Blog Update Service
    In a spree of acquisitions, Yahoo Inc. is laying the groundwork to make its instant messaging service talk with the traditional phone networks and to play a bigger role in distributing Weblog updates. Officials with the online company confirmed two separate acquisitions on Tuesday-its purchase of Dialpad Communications Inc., a consumer Internet telephony provider, and its addition of syndication-feed pinging service


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