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VoIP Billing Servers

VoIP VoiceMaster ISP Billing VoiceMaster ISP Billing is advanced billing server that enables Internet Service Providers (ISP) to authenticate and bill their subscribers in broadband and/or wireless environments.

VoIP Billing Servers


  1. VoIP VoiceMaster ISP Billing
    VoiceMaster ISP Billing is advanced billing server that enables Internet Service Providers (ISP) to authenticate and bill their subscribers in broadband and/or wireless environments. The product features advanced subscriber authentication, granular billing, comprehensive reporting and high reliability. Combined with other SysMaster products, VoiceMaster ISP Billing offers end-to-end infrastructure solutions for ISP providers. There are some key feature of voiceMaster billing are following here:- * Pre/Post-Paid Billing Support * PIN or Username/Password Authentication * Time and Flat Fee Billing * Bandwidth Usage Billing * Real-time Monitoring and Alerts * Comprehensive Reporting * Virtual Server Partitioning * Carrier Grade Reliability
  2. VoIP Performing Radius Billing
    Alepo RADIUS billing solutions have been servicing large and small ISPs since 1997, with public traded ISPs trusting their RADIUS billing needs with Alepo RADIUS infrastructure. Alepo RADIUS is high performing with Tier 1 levels of reliability and scalability. Alepo RADIUS supports the latest RFCs, vendor specific attributes, NAS templates and has a multitude of preconfigured settings that support most Access Servers in the market today. Alepo radius billing solutions are installed in over 50 countries supporting services such as: * DSL, Cable, ISDN, Dialup * PPPoE and VPN internet access  * Rented Infrastructure  * Content Subscriptions * Voice services over IP * Internet Kiosk and Internet Café * Wi-Fi hotspots and Wireless ISPs
  3. VoIP Billing Solutions 
    VoIP (IP telephony) is a good substitute for classical telephony service, yet it has numerous advantages. Thanks to RADIUS technology, VoIP allows applying real-time rating engines & realizing prepaid billing. UTM Basic Module, upgraded with the Telephony Module, is a full-scaled VoIP billing software system. It is able to account for both Internet access service & VoIP service, and may be used as a VoIP billing software not only by VoIP service providers, but also by ISP companies who wish to expand the range of provided services. Use of RADIUS server along with VoIP Gatekeepers for call authorization and accounting makes the service being charged for accurately and instantly, that is perfect for ISPs & VoIP providers rendering prepaid services. Telephone directions & zones, and time ranges allow a VoIP provider to set up various call rates.
  4. The Advanced VoIP Billing 2.0
    Advanced VoIP Billing System can be used with RADIUS servers and also it can be used with switches which produce CDR's directly. Advanced VoIP Billing System can be used with any RADIUS server which supports the VoIP functionality and provide the ability to define the structure of authentication and accounting tables for example Advanced Radius. Advanced Radius supports Cisco and Quintum at this moment. Both prepaid and postpaid billing schemes are supported. Postpaid users don't get locked where advance or prepaid users get disconnected and locked when ever their current balance becomes less than their credit limit. Usually prepaid users have credit limit zero. Complete invoices system is provided, invoices can be generated automatically and manually, and can be sent to users through emails.
  5. VoIP Billing With IP Centrex Billing
    VOIP-Pro, Inovaware's VOIP and IP Centrex billing modules, and PRISM are designed to be fully customer driven and engineered to minimize, to the fullest extent possible, customer service staffing requirements. Customers can signup on the web and manage their services and Problems through a web self-service portal, all via a secure browser-based interface. The platform features a flexible business solution that provides complete customer lifecycle management and billing for any business touching the Internet space. Architected from the ground up, with IP-based services in mind, the VOIP-Pro/PRISM combination is a carrier-grade solution empowering companies to build profitable relationships with customers, partners and resellers, while accelerating deployment of new services and simultaneously supporting the needs of an exploding customer base-all within a single installation.



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